Monday, October 19, 2015

Cozy dress.

It's that time of year again, Kids Clothes Week.  While I try most weeks to knock a few things out, I usually push myself this week to make at least one thing for each kid.  

So I started off easy, well, somewhat easy.  Ottobres are always a beast to trace.  I made #13 from the 4/2015 magazine in a cozy, soft french terry. I made size 104cm, which as far as I can tell translates pretty well to a 5t, that's the size I have started to buy for them (if I buy) from RTW.

It was a really easy sew, and she absolutely loves it.  Again, the part that took the longest and most thought was tracing off the pattern.

Pockets were a major plus in her book.  I used the wrong side of the FT for the pockets, cuffs and neckband.  The fit is a little big on her, but since she and Elizabeth still fight over clothes I made it big enough for Iz, too.

Now I have the internal debate, make another because I love it that much, or move on to another pattern as I have so.many.patterns.?


  1. Great basics! I need to try some Ottobre patterns!

  2. What an awesome dress! I love that you used the wrong side of the fabric for the details! I like to make two of the same pattern because so much work is in the pattern prep that it seems really nice to get two garments out of one prep!

  3. Gorgeous! definitely make another now you've done all that hard wrk with the tracing...