Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Three new makes.

As I tend to go on streaks, it looks like this week is all about makes for me.  

First up was a Beatrix.  I was a tester for this new pattern from Rae, but up until this week had only made muslin versions.  Not wearable muslins, literally muslin.  So, knowing that I liked the way my tester pieces fit me, I used those for this version from a Cotton + Steel lawn (this stuff is glorious!).  I am pretty sure in the final version the shirt length is a little shorter.

I can see this being a hot, wrinkly mess pretty quickly.  I ironed this perfectly smooth, then picked up Sam for a minute before taking these pictures.  Meh, real life, I guess.

Next up was a Union St. Tee.  I have owned this one for forever, but for some reason the neckline intimidated me a little.  It shouldn't have, it was fairly easy.  I didn't quite nail the 'v', but I am fairly happy with this one.  I have been wearing it all day, this fabric is magical. I have no idea the content, but it is so buttery soft.  Again, from my amazeballs hardware/fabric store, pretty sure I am going back to see if they have anything else like it.  I wasn't sold on the print but I figured this would be my wearable muslin, and best part is it cost less than $8 and the print is really growing on me.

I love that there is a print shop copy included, so much nicer than taping and tracing.  I took it to my local shop, though, and the guy helping me couldn't figure out why I wasn't satisfied with the smaller paper and my 1" box measuring anything less than 1".  SMH.  Sewer's problems, amirite?

So as soon as I finished the floral one, I was cutting this one.  I literally used every last bit, hence the white neckband, there just wasn't enough left.  I even managed to cut one of the sleeves upside down, too bad for me.  I am pretty sure I will be making more of these, they are so comfy!

Friday, July 10, 2015


It has been a while since I made a Geranium Dress and I was itching to sew one.  

I love this fabric, and have already made a Geranium tunic in this fabric before, but that one is long since outgrown so I figured it was time for another.

I made size 4T as these ones still fit, though they are getting faded and the purple one popped some stitches down the back from being worn so much.

I skipped the cutout this time as I find when it is washed and worn a ton it can start to rip there, or at least mine have.

I constructed it a little different this time, sewing the lining to the skirt first then turning the main bodice under and stitching it down.  It just makes it easier to get a nice stitching line there.

George was cracking me up with her faces tonight.

And I just kind of let her do her thing for a few minutes.

For the first little bit, I don't think she even realized I was still snapping.

But then she told me she was done, and I'll leave you with that.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Continuing on with my list, I chose to make a couple of Kitschy Coo Skater Dresses.

I used a fun print from Girlcharlee and a stripe from Riley Blake.   I really love the RB knits that I have used so far, and at our local hardware/fabric shop they carry a few prints, stripes and solids.  Bonus is, they always have one 40% off coupon to use on something not already on sale, so I can pick up a yard for a steal sometimes.

I made both the dresses in a 3/4, turns out they were pretty big.  I did add length to the skirt, thinking I would need to, but I probably didn't.  I tried the dress on each of the girls and it was quite big in the chest, so I went back and took this one in a little, and sewed the second one with a bigger seam allowance to start with.

I tested my fabric and decided there was enough stretch to turn the stripes for the neckband and sleeve cuffs.  I thought it was a fun feature.

George claimed this one because she wanted to wear these shoes and as it turns out, these shoes were kind of the inspiration for the dress.  I found them over the weekend for a steal and couldn't pass them up.

I originally bought this fabric for me, but held on to it for a few months.  I realized I was very unlikely to wear something this loud, so I had settled on a pair of Playtime leggings.  But those wouldn't work until it cools off, so I decided why not give this a go.  And I loooove it so much!  I think this is my favorite of the two.

It was kind of hurting my head to work out what part of the print to use for the neckband and sleeve cuff, so I actually left the cuffs off and just hemmed them.  And the picutre is a little washed out, it is actually not white, but a very light blue.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Walking through the store today, I noticed they were already starting to bring out the school supplies.  I have a bit of an obsession with school supplies, especially a brand new box of crayons.  We took home notebooks, markers, crayons (duh) and a new backpack for Abby since her's broke at the end of last year.  

Then, while Sam was napping I sat down and started a list of things to make that I had been previously compiling in my head.  Mostly things that 'need' to be made soon (swim bottoms for Abby's and Jack's trip to Lake Powell this weekend) or things I already have a fabric and pattern planned.  I want to make my list then plug them in to my rota Hugo so kindly made for me.  Turns out so far it's mostly things for the girls, and mostly for the little girls, ha!  But they still get so excited for me to make them things and will wear mama mades over store bought every day if possible.  Plus, they love dresses.  And dresses are just so fun to make. 

So I decided, why plan when I can make? Sam was still asleep and the kids were occupied with their notebooks and crayons, so twenty minutes later I was sewing up the last stitch of my hem.  It doesn't hurt that I chose the dead easiest project on my list, ha! 

I can't wait for the fall, I am already dreaming of it.  So, this is how I see this outfit in my head, and Elizabeth was kind enough to humor me with posing for a minute in a denim jacket.  Luckily it was a cool 90* rather than the 110*+ we had the last week or so.  A storm is rolling in, thank goodness.  (Actually as I went to hit 'post' it started to rain!  So needed here in our part of the desert)

My local shop (as in, I could very easily walk to it) carries Art Gallery for $8/yd, it is seriously amazing, and they have such a great selection.  This last time I went in, they had this one off bolt of Cotton + Steel, I was so excited! That means this little number only cost me $4!  Well, plus elastic.

The print was impossible to line up at the back seam, so I am trying to not let it bug me.  I just made a simple elastic skirt.  I measured the length I wanted it to be, added 2" and used the full width of the fabric.

One checked off the list so far, on to the next.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Messy hair.

 Since Abby has been wearing my recent makes for her quite a bit, I figured I may as well go a bit overboard and make her a bunch of things before she changes her mind, ha!

I made her a couple of city gym shorts then she requested begged for a shirt to go with her favorite of the two.

I used the lunch box tee in a size 10 with length for my tall girl and a vinyl she chose.  She thought they would go perfectly with the shorts.  I am still on the fence, but she is super happy and already picking out nail polish to coordinate.

I made a size 11 in the shorts even though she was over that size.  It was the largest in the pattern and I figured I would take a chance.  I love that they aren't fabric hogs, and that they look cute with two different fabrics.  The gray is from a large-ish scrap I had kicking around that I loved and couldn't just throw away.

These were my first pair to check the fit.  She liked the print and chose the color of binding from my stash.  I was lazy and used ready made binding.  While not nearly as soft, it definitely wins when it comes to convenience.  Bonus, it takes less than a package to make these.