Thursday, July 21, 2016

Morrison Tee.

I have been working on Abby's back to school wardrobe (T minus 21 days until the kids go back) and the Morrison Tee came along at the perfect time.  

This view is hands down the quickest and easiest.  Cap sleeve, regular hem.  I think I knocked it out in twenty minutes, granted that didn't include pattern taping and cutting.

I bought this fabric because I loved it at first sight, but I didn't think I could pull it off, haha!  So I crossed my fingers Abby would say yes to it, it turns out she loves it and this is her new favorite shirt.

I love the boxy look on the profile of this pattern.

For my records, I made her a size 14 and that's exactly what she measured in to for chest and height.

The tie didn't grab me at first, but Abby wanted one with it, and I wanted to try out the genius facing Adrianna came up with for it.  It worked out perfectly and gave it a nice finish on the inside, too, because I know it wont always be tied perfectly and the inside is surely going to be seen.

Abby designed this one on her own, well, the fabric and view.  She requested the hi lo hem to go with the tie.

This last one is a super soft knit I actually found at walmart for like $1/yard a long time ago.  I bought so much of it, hahaha!  So I took a chance on this color without asking her, but she loves it.

P.S. Not affiliated in any way other than selfishly wanting Adrianna to design allllll the junior patterns, but her whole junior line is on sale through the 25th, no code necessary. Here's the link to her line. I have made all of them so far and Abby has worn each of them to death.