Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Square neck dress.

I made the square neck dress from happy homemade a while back and loved it.  It has long since been outgrown, so it was time for another one.

This is the size 4-6 in a Robert Kaufman gingham.  I originally bought the gingham thinking of a top for me, but it is heavier than I thought it would be, so it wouldn't work for what I wanted.  But, it is perfect for this little dress.

Some days I get loads of adorable photos in all angles, and other days I am lucky to come out with one out of fifty.  So, this will have to suffice, haha.

The only thing I may change next time, is to make the bias binding around the arm holes and back opening a little wider.  It says to cut it out one inch wide, and it gives a beautiful, dainty look, but it is pretty fiddly. Even adding just a half inch would be a lot easier to work with, I think.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I made a bunch of graphics up last week, Abby promptly claimed this one as her own.  She loves the song and thinks the saying is hilarious.

She is on the verge of outgrowing her other pairs of City Gym Shorts so new ones were in order.  I was debating what to do, she is out of the kid sizing, but not yet in the women's sizes.  I taped both sets together to compare the biggest kid size and smallest women's size and noticed there wasn't a ton of difference, so I took a chance on the smallest women's.  The fit really well!  She is thrilled and has requested more for the summer.

The shirt is currently in testing, but it is excellent.  It is from Hey June and is basically the Union's little sister.  This is the size 12.

Ribbon tied blouse.

I flipped through my Happy Homemade determined to make something, I made the square neck blouse a few years ago and then set the book aside.  It was time to take a look again.  

I picked the Ribbon Tied Blouse, view C.  I made a size 4-6 in a light and airy Art Gallery print.  I love the feel of these fabrics, and they are a lot lighter than regular quilting cottons, so they are nice to use for garments.  Well, at least for kids.

The front has quite a bit of gathering, but the back is just barely gathered.  The sleeves are also slightly gathered, giving them a cute little puffy shape.

 I love the silhouette of the blouse.  Iz was very excited to see it and wear it right away.

I also paired it with some well loved Oliver and S Puppet Show Shorts.  I will be so sad when they size out of this pattern.

Monday, May 23, 2016

KCW day one.

I have been sewing quite a bit of knits lately (documented on Instagram since I am horrible at blogging lately), I was dying for a nice woven sew.

I this gorgeous Art Gallery I found in a local shop.  I have long loved this one and was so excited to see it in person.

I made an Oliver and S Playtime dress in a size 5 with some mods.  I left off the sleeves and lined the bodice, I love this one as a summer dress.  Even though I am still sewing the girls a size 4 in most things, I find this one can be a little tight to get on and off at this point.  Elizabeth is on the verge of a 5, and I figured a little big is never a bad thing with the rate kids grow.

I have managed to misplace my buttonhole foot, so snaps it was.  Turns out it was practically fate, I had the almost exact green snaps in my stash.

She loves it and I know it will get a ton of wear this summer.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Santa Fe Tops.

I recently tested Hey June's newest top, the Santa Fe top.

I made a size XL.  I measured between the XL and 1X for bust, but per pattern instructions,  I sized down.  The hip and waist measurements aren't *as* important in this pattern being it is nice and flowy.

The top is perfect in rayon blends.  This one is a rayon spandex blend, it is so soft and the drape is perfect.

There are 6 views included in the pattern, two tanks with slim straps, two tanks with wider straps and two tees with dolman sleeves and a cuff.

This is a view C with the center seams omitted, per the pattern instructions.

This is also a view C, I made it exactly per the pattern and used the center seams with the optional topstitching.

The neckband was a new to me method, and I really quite liked it.  I was a little leery of it at first, but I really love it and plan to try it on the Union next.

This is a view F, the blue doesn't have the ideal drape.  I was in a hurry and didn't really think through my fabric choice.  But I absolutely plan to try again, the sides and back are really cute on this one, though I didn't get a picture of them... oops... but since this is where I document all my makes (eventually) it is being included.