Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Print mixing.

I am slowly working on my UFO pile (unfinished objects), this one hasn't been cut out too long, but I am also plugging away at another top and dress from the same pattern.  Hopefully they will be finished soon, but I wanted to finish one quickly because I found this really neat spot while taking pictures for a family friend on Sunday.  

Though, I probably should have made something for Abby if I wanted a cooperative model.  Iz spent the majority of her time running around in circles and jumping from a squatting position.  Nice.

This is the Oliver and S Hide + Seek Dress and I was completely inspired by this dress, isn't it gorgeous?  I made the size 4 even though they both measured in to the size 3, this way it will last longer (hopefully).

I made the dress view (obviously) with the short sleeve option, but I added the band from the 3/4 sleeve.  I thought this would be a nice transition piece as it gets warmer, not like the flannel one I have had cut for the last month, ha!

I am not sure I love the buttons, but I will probably be too lazy to ever change them.

The floral is a soft and airy Lisette print I recently found at Jo-ann in the red tag section, I have never seen it at my store before, but it said it was a 2013 print.  Maybe they were hiding it in the back? (kidding... I think).  I bought up the rest of it, like 3 or 4 yards, I think, I couldn't pass up $3/yd for this.

I really love this dress on her and I am thinking I could make a closet full of them, which is good being I have two more to finish now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Moose shirt.

Way back (haha) when Sam was just about 2 months old I made him these awesome moose pants.  They didn't get worn for long because there just wasn't much stretch in the material and they were kind of a pain to put on him, also that pattern didn't have any measurements to go by, so I was just guessing as to what size I needed to make.  Being itty bitty baby pants take so little material, I had enough left for something else.

So I chose to make the Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Bodysuit, size 12 months.  The material is from girlcharlee, though now it looks like it is gone so I couldn't see the stretch percentage, but trust me- it wasn't a lot.  I used a woven cotton for the placket and neckband.  I really like the way this feels in a knit, plus there is always the benefit of not having to iron it, ha!

I had his awesome new jeans in mind as I made this outfit.  It wasn't crazy to change his clothes halfway through the day because I was so excited to see it on, was it?

Like I said with the pants, he is on the very low end of the 12 month size chart, so I knew it would be a bit big.  As he is laying on the floor the neckline rides up a bit, but it doesn't seem to bug him.  And he is rolling all around the room most times of the day, so I don't can't keep pulling it down.

Aaah! So adorable with the pants.

Oh how I love this little boy with his bright, inquisitive eyes.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lullaby pants.

Sammy recently, and suddenly, outgrew all of his 6 month pants, so I stopped at a few stores in town to pick up a few pairs of the next size.  Much to my surprise, there were absolutely zero pairs of 12 month pants!  In fact, they were putting out the shorts and swimsuits.  I know it is a really mild winter, but come on!  So I started on Sam's mid season wardrobe as he will be needing tops also.

These were completely inspired by skirtastop's pair.  I love the look of jeans on a baby, but they can be very uncomfortable with a big tummy.

They are the Lullaby Layette Pants in a nice, soft denim.  In fact, I wish I could remember where I bought it from because it is glorious and a dream to work with.

I made the size 12 month, as my giant 6 month old measured in to that size in height and weight.  I shortened the elastic an inch shorter than the suggested length in the instructions based on my first pair (later in the post) were a little big.

I used two spools of thread through one needle to make the topstitching pop a bit more, and I topstitched each seam, the inseam is also but you'll just have to trust me on that.

These were my first pair.  They are made from a flannel herringbone, nice and warm.

He could still use a couple pairs of pants, and definitely more tops, so I know what I will be doing this week- ha!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Art Museums to match.

As soon as Jack saw pieces of this fabric cut and laying on the ironing board, he declared them his.  He was disappointed to find out they were actually for Sam.  But I told him, never fear, I bought enough yardage to make him a pair too, and so I did. 

He was quite annoyed to have to tuck in his shirt, ha!  I told him this is how he should wear it to church, but he declared that uncomfortable and to hurry up with the pictures so he could untuck again.

I made him a size 7... I think... I need to go check the size tag.  Maybe it was a 6 with 7 length.  He loves them and is sad I will only let him wear them to church. "But they're so soooooft!" I know buddy, but I really don't want them ripping, and you play hard.

The fabric looks odd in this photo for some reason, but welt pockets.  It is really amazing stuff, though.  It's the RK Chambray union in indigo herringbone, I could live in this fabric, yummy.

See?  As soon as we were finished he rushed in to untuck and make his lunch.  So this is how they are actually worn.

And one with Sam.  Matching little brothers.  I hate to match the twins, but for some reason find this utterly adorable to have the boys in the same pants.  Sam's are getting a bit too tight now, time to make the next size.

Skinny jeans again.

I have made the Small Fry Skinny Jeans twice now, but both times were for Sam.  I was working my way through a stack of them little by little, knowing in my head I shouldn't have cut 5 out at one time, but listening to my heart instead because, well, skinny jean rainbow.  Sam has now outgrown his orange pair and will be passed to his soon-to-be born cousin, Jack's electric blue pair didn't fit right at all, and Abby's are still only about half way done.  I really need to work on my only cutting one thing at a time, my UFO pile is becoming crazy.

I made the girls a size 3, they fit George (left) better than Iz (right), but aren't quite perfect on either of them.  They pull across the pockets for Iz and pull down their undies and show their cracks on both of the girls, maybe I need to cinch up my elastic?   I chose not to use adjustable because, 1. I couldn't find it in my mess of supplies, 2. I hate the stuff.

P.S. The girls still wear their Tiger Roller Skate almost as soon as it comes out of the wash.

They both get this weird popping on the fly too.

That really hasn't stopped either of them, though, they love the pants and wear them often, even if they get sick of me telling them to pull up their undies + pants.

The purple is a bottomweight from Jo-Anns, the pink polka dot was a twill (maybe a home dec?) from

Instead of using topstitching thread this time, I used my stretch stitch to give it a more defined look.  Though, I think next time I will just use the two threads through one needle method, the stretch stitch was a little difficult to keep precisely straight and it was driving me crazy.

Angelique's Dress.

Another set of un-blogged dresses, which is made obvious with all the greenery and flowers.  Sigh, I miss the warmer weather already, and we have really only been "cold" the last few weeks.  I say cold, as in the 30-40f range, I realize that isn't really all that cold.  But, these pictures were taken the beginning of November, usually our flowers or bare arms and legs don't last as long as they did this year. 

I tested the Angelique's Dress in a size 4.  I was sold on those deep pockets and the pleats.  Pleats make my heart go pitter patter.  There is a big box pleat on the front and a few pleats on the back, but my material choice was too busy to really show them off.

The girls LOVE these dresses and wear them quite often.  Sadly, the black is a lint magnet and also quite hard to iron nicely.

The invisible zipper directions were awesome, I quite liked the method that was used to install it and will definitely use it in the future.

I have to make sure to check the pockets before washing, often I find 'lost' toys inside.

Happy Buns Britches.

A little bit ago I tested the Happy Buns Britches.   It was funny, because I had within a few days prior been looking for a pattern for something like them. 

I tested the size 6 month, and this one was actually my third pair.  I couldn't resist giving him a fox bum, which is why I was trying to find a pattern like this in the first place.

I love the way they fit, they are super comfy and have a yoga waistband so nothing digging in to his glorious rolly polly tummy.

I also made him a matching Lap Tee, size 9 months, but it looks a little like a bad tracksuit together for me.  He only wore it together once for the finished pictures.  But he has worn each one separately quite a bit.

These were my second ones, both the brown and gray are a ponte knit, not a ton of stretch, but a little heavier weight which is nice for the cooler weather.  The bum panel came from a long hoarded small amount of yardage left from a shirt I made for Jack waaay back when I started sewing- look at how little he was!! I still have enough left over to make Sammy a shirt this summer.

I love my little chunky monkey.

For my nephew.

I made my nephew a birthday and Christmas gift this year, he just turned one, so he doesn't know that I didn't give him a toy, ha! 

I made him a few pairs of the Lil' Papoose Moccasins, my first pair was as the pattern was written, the second pair was with mods to make them look more like the crazy expensive and super trendy kind.

These are both the 12 month size and fit perfectly.

I actually made them way back when I made Sam a pair.  Sam got a little use out of them, but I see Cooper wearing his all the time.  But C is a walker, so that makes sense, ha!

C's dad is a huge motorcycle fan, so when I saw this print I knew I had Christmas figured out.  In fact, most of his baby shower gifts I made were motorcycle themed.

I used the Oliver + S Bedtime Story pajamas in a size 18 month, just extending the pants a little to omit the contrasting cuff.  I also kind of guessed on the size, he is still wearing his 12m After School pants so I figure even if they don't fit now, they will soon.

Again with a 12 month set of Lil' papoose moccs, though I ordered this on and didn't realize it would have a fuzzy backing.  I don't know if it will wear off or not, I guess he will be my guinea pig, but it was an experiment anyways as I threw this on an order I was already making from there.   P.S. the pajamas and shoes aren't meant to be worn at the same time, though they do coordinate:)

Doll sewing.

 A while back Abby was invited to two birthday parties for little friends in the neighborhood, both who I know love their 18" dolls, so I sewed them each a few outfits for their dolls.

I made the first friend doll clothes for her last birthday too, and Abby told me how much she just loved them and that she rarely saw her doll without one of the outfits on, so I knew it would be a good choice.

I used the book Sew Trendy that I picked up recently from Jo-anns, with coupon stacking I got it for under $7.  It had a lot of basics that I figured would be good building blocks if I ever get brave enough (or crazy enough) to start matching the girls Oliver + S outfits like they have been begging me to try.

I made these as I was making Georgie's Carousel Dress so the purple was an easy decision.  The bottom was a heavier denim that was a PITA to gather.

I didn't like the way most of the items were put together, so I used my own construction methods, ie, easier ways I have learned in my few years of sewing experience.  The instructions weren't bad, I just knew there were easier ways to do it.

Then the following week we got an invitation for another friend, being I had the patterns already traced I just made up the same patterns again... the day of the party, because I am a procrastinator like that.

I started a top for Abby in the pants material, I really should finish it...

I bought these fabrics before I even started sewing, ha!  When Abby was a baby I thought I'd learn to make her a blanket, that never happened, so I had some fat quarters that have been hanging around for forever and ever.

On both of the dresses I used snaps, I was out of velcro and made both the prezzies at the last minute.