Friday, May 31, 2013

For the fourth.

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I could make two Fourth of July outfits for her little girls, she had a picture of what she wanted and I immediately recognized them as patterns from Peekaboo patterns- though in the picture she showed me the sewist (is that the correct term? -seamstress?)  had used RTW shirts, I chose not to:)  I am still on the look out for buttons to go on the bib, I just haven't been able to make it out of the house in at least that long!

The dress is the Natalie, size 6 month.  The shirt is the Rosalie without the ruffles and the capris are the Cutie Pie, both size 4T.  I just free handed the bib shape and picked a spot to make the contrast band on the dress then put ric rac over the seam as per inspiration photo.

I ended up sewing the shirt to the skirt higher than the pattern calls for because I didn't think through the whole accounting for the bib part of my sewing.  I think it worked out just fine though!  Is there anything better than navy chevron and pleats? I think I am in heaven <3

The white knit is from girlcharlee, I love the weight and how it holds up!  I bought the more expensive knit from JA's and it is see through! What?? Of course I didn't realize it before I took it home...

I recently learned how to do a rolled hem on my serger!  Hooray!  The capris called for a rolled hem or narrow hem so I also did one on the dress to tie them together that one extra step.  Plus it is so fast once the machine is already set! :)

I am thinking the twins might need a pleated navy chevron skirt (Abby has told me she wont wear skirts now)... that is if I can find it in town again!  I talked to one of the local shops and he said it is on backorder with no definite delivery date- it's the hot thing right now apparently!  I found this at another shop as he wasn't sure he could get it in as fast as I needed it and I took nearly the last of the bolt.  Hmmmm... what is a good pleated skirt pattern, the 2+2?  Maybe a paper bag skirt?  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jack had a birthday, shout hooray.

So I don't normally post things that aren't sewing related, but I made a few things for his birthday that I wanted to share...
Jack turned 5 last week, and that lucky little boy got two parties! A friend party and a family party. 


So I decided I wanted to make him an Angry Bird cake (in case you somehow missed it, he is OBSESSED with Angry Birds) I searched pinterest and found some ideas that I liked and just kind of did my own thing. 

I was going to go all out and do a sling shot too, buuuuut was pretty burned out by the time I got to the end, he didn't mind.  It was a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and marshmallow fondant decorations.  I can honestly say I don't ever want to attempt a fondant cake again, one, it was a pain to work with and two it tasted nasty!  Poor adults didn't even get cake because I didn't realize how bad it tasted, or I would have made a plain one.  The kids didn't mind though, they even ate the birds!


The piggies.  He was most excited about the TNT boxes, one of his favorite parts in the game.

And the birds.  According to Jack I couldn't just make one blue bird because they split in to three when you touch them.  Okay buddy.

I am especially proud of these.  I also saw this on pinterest, but with very generic pig faces.  I started making different ones then Jack and Abby saw what I was doing and started critiquing and "helpfully" advising me.  I think they turned out pretty darn cool and apparently he likes all but one of them (one has a weird mouth apparently?).  The cans held up pretty well (I sprayed them with clear after painting, meant to use the clear varnish from my cabinets but I forgot) but after a few days of play the balls have completely worn off.

(P.s. I only made the cake for the family party, I took the easy way out and made cupcakes with A.B. toppers)

He got lots of Angry Bird items (suprise, suprise).  

Even a mask from his Grandparents that they picked up in Mexico on a cruise before they even knew he really liked them!

He was so funny, every time he opened a present that had to do with Angry Birds his jaw would drop and he would exclaim "how did they know I would love this?!"  haha!!

He also got a tool bench, tools and tool box (oh, and a tool belt, more on that later).  I found the tool bench at a garage sale that was in great condition for only $10. Score!  Then I noticed the tools were sold at Target, and his Uncle and Aunt bought him the tool box.  He was in heaven.

A few weeks before his birthday I volunteered to help a friend test her new pattern for a tool belt, about half way through I remembered I had bought the above mentioned tool bench and stashed it in my in-law's garage, duh!  He and his cousin were playing with the bench and fought over who got to use the handmade belt instead of the one that came with the tools. 

So the pattern is from Elizabeth Wyatt, it is the Little Man Toolbelt.  I know you think I am probably saying this because she is my friend, but I am not, I loved this pattern!! It is geniously put together and highly recommend it! 

There are four pockets and one zipper pouch, plenty of room for stashing tools!  Or legos, or gardening tools, so many possibilites! Oh, and I used a really light weight denim for the main panel and twill left over from many shorts projects (always save your big-ish scraps!).

I love the waistband too, it has a strap adjuster so it can fit anywhere from a 2T to size 10, and velcro so it is easy for the kids to do themselves. 

His poor sandbox pants have lost both their back buttons but he doesn't mind, he also doesn't mind that it is 100f outside. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A gift.

Abby was invited to a birthday party today, I gave her the option of me making a skirt or buying a toy- she chose the skirt.  She is very proud of the fact I make her clothes and brags to all of her friends (don't know how long that will last!) So I dug through my stash at 10pm last night - if I didn't procrastinate it just wouldn't be me! - and found something I thought was cute, and hoped it wasn't babyish.  I showed it to Abby in the morning and she didn't want to give it away! HA! That's a good sign, right?  I told her I had a bit left over though so I could make her one too if she really wanted.


I just made a simple Lazy Days skirt as we were only told about the party two days ago... and I procrastinated... plus, not knowing her size I thought I was pretty safe with this. (she is a little shorter than Abby, and maybe a touch thinner). 

Wanna know a secret?  I picked this Riley Blake print up on close out for something like $2.50 so the whole gift only cost me $1.50 if you include elastic- but if it is in my stash for over a year, doesn't that make it free?  Let's just go with that, free. 

I thought to make it a little more special I would embroider her name on the tag in the back.  I just free handed it, I should have taken the time to pencil the name first, it was a little difficult because I stitched it on to some pre-made bias tape so it was hard to hold. 

And I was either being brave or lazy, but I went with pink thread.  Probably lazy, because that is what I had in my machine at the time!

So I wrapped it in pretty pink tissue paper, added a hair clip and sent her on her way.  I just hope it is well received.  I don't want Abby to be made fun of or thought different of because it isn't a traditional gift or it is handmade, you know? 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twin geraniums.

I saw this skirt in the Oliver + S flickr group and was immediately inspired to copy it.  I happened to hit up the local variety store that afternoon as I was in need of felt to finish a project for Jack's upcoming birthday party, so I picked up some chevrons to compliment her design.  As they were in the wash I started thinking that what the girls really need are tops, they have so many shorts and skirts!  So I settled on the Geranium tunic, but the thought of matching the chevrons on the bodice made me wince, so I chose to use a different print for the bodices. 


Not going to lie, I didn't like them at first.  I mean, I liked the two fabrics when I held them together before sewing, but as I finished them I was unsure...

But I think I have changed my mind now that I have seen them on the girls.  They are both size 2t, and that is too big for them, but I wanted them to last.  Their 18month Geraniums were getting a little tight on Elizabeth, but still a little big on George.  Maybe I should have made a 18m + 2t.  Oh well, too late now!

It was pretty much impossible to get a picture of them together, no matter how hard my sweet mother-in-law tried to help.  That is just how they are!  I used snaps for the back of both the tops, easier to dress them!

Yeah, it was pretty much impossible to get one of Iz too... ^^This is the best I could get.  It was tough to match the chevrons (there are three seams on each dress to match), I didn't get anywhere near perfect, but with all the gathered fabric it isn't super obvious, at least I hope not!

Georgia would sit nice and still, but wouldn't look at me, ha!

I really like the strawberry, but it kind of gets lost in all the fabric as she moves.

She kept smelling/kissing the flowers, I couldn't tell which, but she was saying "Mmmmm!".  Cute girlies!

Friday, May 10, 2013


I saw a call from Peek-a-boo patterns asking for a second round of testers for her new top,  I volunteered because I thought the shirt was adorable, and I was chosen! :)  I have had this neon pink knit in my stash for a while now, and Abby has been begging me to make something for her with it, but I never knew what to make.  This shirt seemed just right.


It is called Rosalie  ( I will update with the link when it is available ** it is now here **) and I sewed the size 6.  I wish I had added some length, but she was at school when I was sewing it, so it was too late.  I didn't hem it though so I could add a band to the bottom if needed. 

She is also wearing another pair of Raven shorts (more on those below).

The pattern calls for jersey that curls and oh boy did this one curl!   I really like the gathered sleeves, and I have never done a neckband like this- yay for learning something new:)

So I made these Raven Shorts a few days after the original pair but never blogged them (and even have another pair in denim that I cut at the same time and still haven't sewn). 

I used some Joel Dewberry that is pretty much my favorite fabric, I have previously used it here, here and here

And the coordinating print for the waistband. 

So the specifics, these are made from the Clever Charlotte Raven Pants pattern, shortened to knee length.  Size 6, pocket number three.  She is also finally regularly wearing her hopscotch top from over a year ago.  It was made before I understood how to properly measure and adjust patterns so it has been too big until recently. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Favorite characters.

So not only is Jack obsessed with Angry Birds, but Tom and Jerry hold a special place in his heart too.  We have a couple of dvds and he watches them All.The.Time.  I mean like, every day if I let him.  (Mama wants sewing time? Put the twins down for a nap and pop in T+J, *wink wink*, works every time.)
I had been thinking about making him a Tom and Jerry shirt, then Ben suggested I should do it before I had said anything to him about my idea, so I knew I just "had" to:)  Plus, I recently picked up a walking foot and was dying to try it out! 
He cracks me up, yesterday Grandma came over while I was making them and Jack had been visiting her house earlier in the day, she said he told her all about how he was so sad they weren't made yet.  "Mom tried to make them yesterday, but she ran out of ink so Jerry was pink not brown."  But I get points for not taking as long with these as the Angry Bird shirt, right buddy?


Both are size 4 with length Oliver + S Field Trip Raglans that I have made oh so many times before.

He had a hard time deciding which one to wear today, but in the end I knew which one would win his heart, the blue one. 

It has a lot going for it; #1 it is blue, #2 Tom is harassing Jerry, Jack loves when they fight. 

Also wearing his wrinkly Parsley Shorts. 

As I was printing off Jack's graphics, I remembered that the twins could use some more shirts, especially play shirts.  So I found some of their favorite Sesame Street characters and added them to the list. 

George LOVES Bert + Ernie, we have little plastic characters that go they play with on Hooper's Store and she always chooses them, and screams at the top of her lungs if anyone (Izzy) dares take them.  The girls always watch Sesame Street before naptime to wind down (thank you PBS) and Elizabeth loves Elmo's world and Cookie Monster. 

So, that is what they got!  Each have their favorites on their shirts.  Maybe I should have switched them though so they can look at their favorite instead, ha!  Georgia is wearing the Puppet Show shorts from last year, with room still to grow.  My master plan worked out after all!

I asked them to stand by each other and look at me, this is what I got.  As usual, Georgia obeys, and Iz... she was close.

I thought maybe asking them to show me their shirt would work,

but instead I got "That Elmo, that ookie!"

And "That ert and nernie"

Fine, so do something cute instead, how about a hug.


Georgia let Elizabeth have one hug, then she was done.  ^^This is Elizabeth trying to corner her for another one.  Iz likes to hold George down or tackle her and give her hugs and kisses.  Georgia doesn't like it too much.  The other day Georgia was wearing her 2 + 2 and Iz pulled her down by the ties, unfair advantage? 

They both have the "Sesame Street" tag on the back of their shirts, oh, and both of the shirts are also Field Trip Raglans size 18m with extra length since it is a size bigger than they both measured in to (almost 2 sizes to big for Georgia).