Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 I pulled three colors of twill from my closet, olive green, gray and blue.  Big suprise as to which one the boy picked.  Jack LOVES blue.  I mean, pretty much only wants to wear blue always.  Too bad for him not everything in his closet is blue. Mean mom or something.  I have seen the Field trip cargo pants made as shorts and really want to try that for summer, but like always I wanted to try the pattern as written first.  Seriously I can't say enough good about these pants- they are perfect as all O+S patterns go, the details are just amazing. 

Don't let his face fool you, he LOVES his new outfit.  They weren't a quick sew by any means.  Look at all that topstitching!! I was brave and really wanted them to stand out, luckily for me I only had to unpick one line of top stitching.  I went soooo slow and so that helped a ton.  Also I made him the field trip shirt with shortened sleeves.  Yes, uneven, I asked him to try it on so I could see where I wanted to hem them and he begged to "wear it for the rest of today!!" So I gave in.  He's pretty cute.

The cargo pockets gave me fits, I must have sewn and unpicked 5 or 6 times and nearly gave up.  I tried the other side thinking maybe I had messed something up while sewing that side together (even though it looked exactly the same, ha!)  Turns out I had re-folded after topstitching the pocket at only 1/2" instead of 3/4".  YES, that explained everything.  So the one side still ended up a little wonky, but I was nervous to unpick again as the spot where the corners were placed was beginning to wear thin from all the stress on the fabric.

I lifted this idea from a friend and he HATES it.  He keeps asking when I am going to take the ribbon off, and doesn't like the answer "never". I think my ribbon is a little too long though (and too wide), it sticks out a bit too much when he is standing still without hands in his pockets.  So many fun details in these pants, darts in the knees for better movement, six pockets, belt loops and lots of topstitching go in to making a great pair of pants!  He has already requested another pair...

Saturday, January 26, 2013


My name is Brittney, and I have a problem.  I am obsessed with the jump rope pattern.  Like crazy obsessed.  This is my third view b in a month, and also made up one view a in that time also... It may be time to make something else, though I have one more idea I want to try with the pattern. 

This is a medium weight ... can't think of what it was called exactly, it is an apparel fabric with a nice texture.  It is a straight size 7, Abby measured in to the 6 but I knew it was a slim fit (at least in the small range)  so I figure she could get a little extra wear from a bigger size.

I tried to steer her towards gray buttons, but she chose pink, still cute.  I didn't even want to think of trying to match the plaid, so I chose a white placket (again), white pockets and cut the pocket binding on the bias for some interest.

I fussy cut enough to match the pink lines and white lines, some times I lucked out and it was the right pink.  I tried to match the pinks exactly, but it was a pain since the pattern is a-line.  I was pretty happy the sleeve cuff lined up too!

She seems to like it, which is a good thing since she has sworn off dresses!  I have picked up speed with each one, and am always so happy everytime my placket lines up just so.  I can't say enough good about Oliver + s patterns! In fact, I finally got the courage to try and talk my local shop to look in to carrying them... One can dream;) 

Next up, something for the boy! It's about his turn.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Another repeat.

Though this time it is for a friend.  I posted a picture of George in her new jump rope dress and a friend  saw it and asked if I would make the exact same dress for her girls for family pictures.  Her youngest is only in 0-3m clothing, so I wasn't able to make one for her, but I did make a little skirt to match sissy's dress. 

The dress is 3t chest, with 4t length in the sleeves and length.  She actually measured in to the 2t for chest, but since it is more of a slim fitting dress I chose 3t for a little wiggle room and longer wear. 

I sized down the smallest jump rope pockets becasue even the small ones looked like they would be too big for the skirt.  No, she didn't need pockets... but I thought it would be fun to tie the two items together a little more.  Seriously, how cute is this little skirt??  Teeny tiny clothes just make me smile.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A little show.

I started this puppet show a month or so back, before my serger left for the doctor.  I put off finishing it until my baby returned since I had only put one sleeve in and I wanted a consistent look... even on the inside:)
I had a little trouble with this one, but a coke and a step away helped clear my head enough to figure it out.  Being I had put it off for so long I apparently forgot to add interfacing to the back placket.  Oops. I ended up ripping through two of the holes and they were pretty unfixable.  So one I just sewed together since it was the second to last and wont affect dressing, the other I put some fray check and hoping it wont fray too much. 

This is size 18m, and is quite roomy on Izzy even though she measured in to that size.  But so long as the button holes hold up that just means it will get lots of wear, right?


I am undecided on the color of button I used for the sleeves but I remembered seeing this pin (which I apparently didn't repin...) and thought it was in interesting way to sew on the buttons, so why not try it out now?

And white down the back, because I didn't have enough of the pink.

Pretty cute, no?

Does anyone else have problems with the collar popping up?  Every time she moved her shoulders it would pop back up... I used lightweight interfacing and Kona, didn't think it was too heavy.
Yesterday when I took the girl's legging pictures they sat next to each other so nice.  I put Iz up on the toy box and she kept patting the lid next to her, so I put George up there too and attempted to get a good shot of the two of them... Here is part of the fun that followed:
There was a lot of goofing off. 

She wouldn't keep her fingers out of her mouth, which interested Georgia...

Who just had to try it out herself,

So I told them "no no, hands down".

Elizabeth listened, folding her arms, while Georgia gave me what we lovingly refer to as "mad face",

But she soon turned that frown upside down.

In the end I just had to use the magic of photoshop and swap one of their heads, because let's face it, anyone with twins would know this would never actually happen without a little magic...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Loads of leggings.

The twins have been needing some leggings to go under dresses and such, so I pulled out my two most recent Ottobres as they both had a legging pattern and got to work.  Well, the first one I totally screwed up.  My sweet friend Millie helped me figure out that I had traced of the completely wrong piece! I ruined a bit of the black and white stripe I had been saving for just the right thing.  Shoot.  So I worked out the right piece and it was such a quick, simple sew.  Gotta love those.  Then, I messed up again when I didn't realize I was to cut the second pattern's front piece on the fold.  Apparently I need Ottobre lessons... But I just constructed them differently than the instructions (obviously) and they went together just fine. 

The three on the left are 6/2012 #8 Ruusunpuna leggings and the two on the right are 4/2012 #2 Rainy sky.  Remember I made the Rainy sky once before?  These are all 80cm- for my notes:)
Doesn't big twin have the most kissable toes?  Her chubby feet are just too cute, imo.  These were made a few days ago, the rest were last night and this morning.  My twin needle bent! What?! Only one of the needles, it was weird.  But my awesome husband came to the rescue and stopped on his way home from work and picked up a few more.  He told me I was silly for only buying one at a time:) 

For George I have only tried on the Rainy sky and they are pretty roomy on her, but I kind of expected that being she fit in the 68cm last September.  Just means longer wear for her!  They have cute gathered knees and hand sewn bows at the hem.

I got my camera out and of course Elizabeth looks away, but Georgia was repeating "chis, chis" so I told her to go sit by her sister... and she did! If only they both didn't have snotty noses and bed hair I could have snapped my nice pic of them together in months! Oh well...

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Warning, this is a long, all word post... maybe read on if you are bored? ... ;)

Recently the ladies behind FrancesSuzanne left me a comment saying they had nominated me for a Liebster.  What is that again?  So I clicked over and read the post, hm, that is was fun to get to "know" them a little better.  Then I also got a comment from Ana Sofia also nominating me, and Cindy also was nominated recently.  I admit, I wasn't going to bother with it at first, but it was pretty fun to read about these ladies that I always am admiring for their sewing, so I thought why not? So this next bit is pretty much just copied straight from Ana Sofia's blog:

So, some of you may ask (like I did, to be honest) what the Liebster Blog Award is. Well, this is what I found:
The Liebster Blog Award is an award given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers, most of whom have less than 200 followers (or have been blogging for less than 6 months). It is to show newer bloggers that they are appreciated, and to help spread the word about new blogs. It was created to promote appreciation and recognition among the blog world. Liebster translates to “dearest” (or favorite/best) in German. It is also known as the Love Blog Award.
Isn’t it awesome?!
I though so as well :)
But, as most things in life, there are a few rules to follow:

The Rules:

1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you (I got to answer to 11 questions times 2 as I got nominateed twice, lol).
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 new blogs you love and link them in your post.
5. Please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster post so I can learn more about you!

And on to my part:

1.  My first sewing machine was my husband's.  That's right.  He had one when we got married and that is what I learned on.  It was the cheapest, most basic one he could find... Don't worry, I've upgraded:)

2.  I live within a 1/4 mile of 6 relatives (6 different houses).  Yes, we are crazy.  Oh, and 2 more housesholds within a mile.

3.  I can't function in the morning without a coke (zero, btw.  I gave up my beloved Dr. Pepper aka Sweet Nectar of the Gods, but still need the caffiene.)

4.  I like to spray paint.  Everything.

5.  Finding out I was pregnant with twins was the absolute biggest shock of my life.  Totally came out of left field, though supposedly 5 generations back or so there was a set.  Mine are fraternals, so they are the kind that "run in the family".

6.  I was married young.  As in a month shy of my 20th birthday. 

7.  I can't swim.

8.  I went through many, many hobbies before I found Oliver + S, and have only been "seriously" sewing for a year (this month!).   Previously I made simple things like elastic skirts and peasant dresses very sporadically, but now if I don't sew every few days I long for it!

9.  I don't really like chocoalte.  I mean, I'll eat it every now and then, but I am fine going without for months at a time. 

10.  I own like 20 pairs of shoes, but only wear 2 pairs... Maybe it is time to clean out the closet...?

11.  Since my first pregnancy my eyes have gotten worse with each one, so I now wear glasses.  I have a purple pair and a red pair.  I really wanted the turquoise pair with red inside, but the frame was too small for my face...

Now, for their questions. 

From FrancesSuzanne:

1. What are your top five ‘must-read’ blogs? 
In no particular order: Nicole, Cindy, Oliver+S, Rae . Yes, that is only four... meh... I do read all that are on my blog roll as soon as they pop up with a new post:)

2. Do you have a phobia? And if so – what is it?
Yes. Heights.  In fact, Ben tried to get me to go on the roof last month and I tried *so* hard, but started panicking about the fourth step...

3. What is your favorite fabric? This might be a certain designer’s look, or a particular style / texture you are drawn to....
I LOVE textures! Pretty much anything with a texture.  And bright, bold colors.

4. What is your most tried and true pattern in your stash?
Hands down Rae's flashback skinny tee

5. What is your dream job? 
Doing hair.  And turns out, I have been licensed for 10 years now.  Though I was able to quit and stay home with the kids shortly before I became pregnant with the twins.

6. Share a tradition that you and your family enjoy.
For the 4th of July (which also happens to be my oldest's birthday) We always go to the lake during the day then to watch the fireworks we gather at Ben's grandfather's home to eat pizza and catch the show.  He lives a few blocks from the park that shoots them off.

7. Name one thing sewing-related that you haven’t tried…but want to learn how to do.
Okay, so I have tried a zipper once, but I really want to master them. 

8. What is your favorite month of the year and why?
I like March/April... yes, that is two months, but somewhere in there we usually get our two weeks of spring for our town and it is glorious. 

9. If you had the opportunity to do a guest post, what series would you want to participate in….or, on which site would you like to guest post?
I am a scaredy cat, so probably none.  I think it would be too much stress, ha! In  fact it kinda was, Liesl asked if I would write a post for the Secret agent trench I modified and I thought I was going to pee my pants, ha!  She ended up just linking to my blog, but that worked for me.

10. Where do you get your sewing inspiration (be specific – for example: a particular pinterest board, blog, children’s retail, etc.)? 
I do have an inspiration pinboard, but mostly I find inspiration in every day situations,  I have been known to snap a picture of items or color combos at the store, or quickly jot down notes when I see a kid wearing something I like.  Ya know, since it would be super creepy to take a picture of some random kid...  Ben teases me that I am probably the only person who goes to TJMAXX or Kohl's just to take pictures of clothes.

11. What has been your greatest “sewing find” to date?
Quite honestly, Oliver + S.  Just before the twins were born I decided I wanted to start sewing seriously and bought too many pdfs online, and just was never happy with the result, I even tried to be like the cool kids and draft my own from a piece of clothing already in the closet.  Fail.  Many, many fails.  Then I finally just decided to just give them a try and purchased the digital puppet show.  When I opened the file it was love at first sight, so incredibly detailed and there were actual measurements, not just "6m". 
 From Ana Sofia:

1. When did you realise that blogging was an important part of your life?
I keep a personal blog for our family as a journal as I can never remember to write in mine.  I tried to keep a sewing journal on paper... and it was pretty much the same story.  In my posts I try to remember to write the exact changes I made for easy reference. 

2. What’s your favorite blog post (from you or others) ?
I think I enjoyed Rae's knit series most of all, in fact, I am pretty sure I learned more from that than any other post (or series of posts).  Reading through it (combined with the hopscotch pattern) gave me the confidence to sew with knits.  While I still prefer to sew cottons and the like, the big kids much prefer the things made in knit.  One day we were at my in-law's and Ben pulled back the tag on one of the twin's hopscotch tops and said "You made this?!  Wow!  It looks store bought!"  Meaning, to him things made in cotton seem homemade being the stores don't sell as much cotton clothing as they do knit.  Thanks?

3. What do you see yourself blogging five years from now?
I hope to still be blogging about my adorable children and the clothes I make them... assuming they still want my clothes in 5 years:)

4. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
My Dad worked a lot but each summer we were able to head "up north" and visit our family (we were the only ones "in the south"), which meant sleepovers with cousins and a trip to the dinky theme park.  My cousins and I were big in to boondoggle for a while, and in fact, Abby just brought one home from school and it was fun to be able to teach her how to do it!

5. What did you wanted to be when you’re growing-up?
A hair stylist.  Dream accomplished:) 

6. Do you have a favorite life quote?
No... is that horrible?

7. Are you a morning person (or a night owl)?
Oh most definitely a night owl.  Ben thinks it is hilarious to try to get me out of bed in the morning.

8. What do “feed” your creativity?
I like to have a little bit of time set aside each day to either "research" my next project, ie if it is a specific pattern I search flickr groups and blogs for feedback or just surf the 'net for ideas in general.  I am lucky enough to have a closet that my machines are set up in so I can sneak in a seam or two every now and then.  I like to "reward" myself, like do the dishes then complete a step in my project.  :)

9. Name your favorite fabric designers/collections ever?
I don't think I have one... I tend not to pay that much attention to designers names,  I gravitate more towards colors.

10. What’s the best advise you ever got?
It's okay to have a messy house as long as your children are happy and healthy.

11. What do you expect to accomplish in 2013?
I hope to make clothes that are not only cute (in my eyes) but that my kids want.  My goal is to make 75% of their wardrobe, being there are four of them that might be a challenge!

And I shall follow in Cindy's footsteps in not nominating anyone and be a rebel and a rule breaker too... also because most of the blogs I read have already been nominated... and I am not sure I follow 11! ha!  Now you know more about me than you probably wanted to:)  And if you got through all that, WOW, you deserve an award!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Teal and red.

Last week I put out a call for inspiration on flickr.   I just LOVE the support and inspiration in the Oliver + S community there.  I had been on flickr for a long time and nearly thought about just giving up as there didn't seem like a reason to be there when I found O+S patterns and a bit later their flickr group.  I was overwhelmed by the response and support I found there, I don't have any "real life" sewing friends but I have made so many great friends in the last year I have been participating in the group.  *e-hugs to you all!*
Anyway, back to the dress.  So I bought MM dots thinking I wanted to make Jump rope View A, but then something came over me and  I thought perhaps the Apple picking? Luckily flickr to the rescue and I got a resounding "View A + red buttons", and the lovely Nicole chimed in with a very detailed description... and I followed it exactly.  I love it.

This is size 18m for a longer fit, unlike tiny twin's (which big twin wore to church on Sunday... and let's just say, it wont happen again).  I seriously never would have picked red and turquoise together, only because I wouldn't have thought of it! So, I liked it on the hanger...

but absolutely LOVED it once it was put on her.  Miss serious.  Gingham self covered buttons, btw.  I have never used self cover buttons so I probably sewed them on wrong, ha!  Now I am wondering why I haven't tried them yet!  And I nearly made a gingham bow for her hair, but thought it might be OTT,  I like the solid red with it a lot.

Okay, so for some reason this screams 50's housewife to me... As with all Oliver + S patterns, I am so in love with all the details that just take it to the next level.  The placket (which isn't quite as "perfect" as the last time), cuff sleves with the cute tabs that make the perfect spot for more buttons, the belt, functioning pockets (also with extra buttons) and a perfectly full skirt.  Not to mention the length of the skirt! I typically lengthen all patterns but made this as is.  I just love everything about this pattern. 

She was attempting to run away from the camera again, which is why she is cornered in her closet. The only reason I got a face shot (above) was because I trapped her in her crib.  Love this girl.  If only her feet weren't so hard to find shoes that fit the outfit would have been complete with tights and mary janes.  Ooo! Would it be too much if they were red?  I just may have to take her shoe shopping this week...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jumping rope.

I purchased the digital jump rope dress pattern nearly a year ago... and did nothing with it... I tracked down a paper pattern a few weeks ago and traced it off immediately.  Oh how I love and prefer paper patterns.  Anywho, I set it aside for a bit after looking in to it a little, seeing a tutorial for the placket scared me more than helping me want to make it.  Well, I finally sat down a few days ago and started on it.  It only took 4 days to finish, ha!  Tiny twin decided she didn't need naps for a few days, so I only managed 15-20 minutes of sewing per day for those days. 
I decided to make a straight 12m View B for tiny twin.  When they were younger they both fit in the same clothes, always.  Now big twin is quite a bit bigger and requires a bigger size so Georgia has been wearing things that are too big and eventually growing in to them. Not that it is a big deal to wear hand downs of course, but sometimes it is nice to have something special and all your own. 

I am pretty pleased with my first attempt!  I've never made a placket before, and since my serger is being serviced I decided to try french seams- and it worked great!  It was impossible to fussy cut the pockets to match, so I just cut from the same general area in the pattern so the colors were at least the same.

Not too bad, eh?  Buttons sewn with pink thread to match the pink in the dress.   It is a little tight to get on, but super adorable once it is!  I think next time I will make the sleeves a bit wider as that is the area that is tough to get on.

Now that I am living right around the corner from my MIL I decided to take George out for a quick shoot, I have missed taking proper photos outside of their clothing.  I quickly found out she isn't as cooperative as she once was. 

We started out near the tree... that has the swing... and she thought she needed to be in it.  But it shows off the back of the dress nicely;)

So I put her in the middle of the grass, just far enough from the tree swing, and ran back to the bigger swing set knowing she would head that way next, and snapped quickly while she came running.  We tried that a few times, and got silly results like this one where she is sticking out her tongue.

And refusing to turn towards the camera.

One decent one.

So then I thought to trap her on the chair.

That didn't really work either.  So I put her on again.

A forced cheese face.

Then she pointed at the camera and signed "all done".  Got it.