Friday, August 14, 2015

A post for catching up.

I have fallen pretty far behind on blogging, there are things from this spring that I still haven't even loaded the pictures on to my computer.  Sigh.  Since I use the blog as reference in the future for sizing and changes made, I need to be better about it.  I am pretty good about uploading to flickr and instagram, but I am not great about adding notes there.

So, here is a big ol' post full of variations made with the Oliver + S School Bus Tee and the Field Trip Raglan.  I love a pattern that I can alter to fit my needs or wants, and these two definitely fit the bill. 

The latest make, as in this afternoon, is a hoodie mod from the School Bus.  I made a size 3T for the shoulders and width, 18 months for the length.  Sam is currently wearing 18 month RTW and 12 or 18 month in handmade.

I think I may have added too much length with the hem band, but I would rather have it too long than short.

The stencil is a freebie from girl like the sea.

He is ridiculously adorable in it, if I can be so bold.

It is tricky to get him to stand for more than a split second.  What you don't see just out of the frame is Ben.  He was standing on the step, trying to get him to stand.  Sam would laugh and fall to his knees almost immediately.  As Ben isn't interested in nice photos for my blog, he was only willing to help for three tries, this is the best I managed.  That's okay, he's still pretty cute.

Jack's is a size 7 with 8 length.  He isn't a fan of this shirt, but gets compliments every time he wears it.  The back is solid white, btw.  He says he doesn't like the stripes and that's why he fights wearing it.  I may have bribed him to wear it to school today, he reported home that his teacher said his shirt was 'so cool'.  Maybe a non-family member can convince him it isn't all that bad?

He loves this one, though.  It was a long requested shirt, in fact.  He designed it on his own, I had the vinyl and he sorted through all my blue fabrics to determine the two he wanted, and went through his closet to show me the type of shirt he wanted (raglan).  He was so happy and wore it to school for the first day.

This is another long wished for shirt.   Abby is obsessed with The Killers and it is one of the few bands we all agree on in the house, even Jack sings along.   This one is a size 12, I don't think that I added length, but can't remember...

She requested it for the first day of school, and I managed to get it done with an afternoon to spare.

Here is a better look at the graphic and my inspiration.

Photographic proof of their first day of school, fifth for Abby and second for Jack.

Abby is also currently obsessed with owls.  After making the twins Skater dresses I wanted to make on for her, and she agreed.  The only problem was, I couldn't find a pattern in her size.  I shortened the bodice of the School Bus and added a circle skirt. I mistakenly thought it would be a good idea to size up so it would last, but it made it look more pajama-ish than I am happy with.  The back is pretty loose, but the front isn't too bad.  She wears it constantly, though, and is excited to wear it with a denim jacket if it ever cools down.

This one is a copy of the one I made before.  Sadly, the first one didn't survive the wash, the letters started to peel off.  This time I used a heat transfer vinyl and it has survived this time.  I altered the School Bus to be a faux layered sleeve, he had a RTW similar last year that he wore every time it was clean.

This one is a School Bus turned romper, size 18 month.  I used an existing romper to get the shape for the bottom.

This is a Field Trip Raglan and a Tea Party Sunsuit bottom, size 18 month.

This is a School Bus and Tea Party, appliqued like his onesie from last year, another favorite.  I will likely make it another shirt or onesie in the football theme while he is still cute enough to get away with it, and hopefully it will cool down enough to need to wear pants someday.