Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First day.

I realized today the big kids start school tomorrow, Abby has her outfit chosen, but Jack didn't.  I haven't made him anything for a while because he still fits most of his handmades, but I figured the first day of school deserved something new.

I pulled out a couple twill colors and paired them with a couple of knit cuts and let him choose, he picked well.

The shirt is the Oliver and S School Bus T-shirt, my go-to, in a size 8 with a little bit of length added.

The pants are the After-school pants, also a size 8, but I added 2" to the length.  He is only 1/2" shy of the top height in the 8 and I want them to last a while.

I really love these pants, and so does he.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hide + Seek.

I have used this combination of fabrics a couple of times recently (not blogged yet, but grammed) and thought it would be perfectly perfect with the color of Izzy's hair.  The color of the blue/green is hard to capture, it is a little more greenish in real life.

I used this tutorial on the Oliver and S blog to add a cheater pleated bodice to my Hide + Seek dress.  I like the result, even if it did make things a little bulky.

They still wear their other Hide + Seek, it is so faded and soft at this point (and getting too short) so I knew it would soon need to be replaced.

I just love all the details in this pattern and I love that it seems to fit for so long, ha!

This time around I made a straight size 5, no modifications aside from the pleated bodice.

Class picnic times two.

Abby is headed to 6th grade in a few days, that seems so crazy to me!  I figured it was about time to fulfill some of her requests (the paint splatter blouse) and finish up a few UFOs.

I used the Class Picnic Blouse in a size 12.  She is a little above the size 12 for her chest, but this one is nice and roomy so I didn't hesitate when she requested this pattern.  I added 2 1/2" to the bottom of the blouse, and kept the original hem depth.

I added a piece of dainty lace in the front yoke of this oh so soft Robert Kaufman floral lawn.

I picked up this Art Gallery from my LQS at least a year ago, maybe more.  She has been asking for something made from it as soon as I brought it home.  I hesitated to make her something from it, because she wasn't a fan of handmade there for a while, and especially not anything made in woven.

The last couple of months she has decided having mom-made clothes is actually pretty cool, because then she doesn't show up to school in the same top as anyone else.  So I decided it was time to make her request.

I really love these two on her, and I am really sad these will be the last two she gets now that she has sized out of the pattern.