Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In the sandbox.

Mr. Jack desperately needs pants, he has only one pair.  Luckily (?) we haven't been out much this last week so he has been able to get away with just wearing his shorts.  Though honestly, he lives in his underwear 90% of the time while at home, no matter the weather or temp in the house.  So that bought me some time.  I got it in my head yesterday evening I wanted to make him a pair of Oliver + s sandbox pants.  I may have  measured him after he went to sleep and got his waist measurement just fine, but I couldn't get a length measurement for him, and his one pair of pants that fit were wet in the washer.  Also, I didn't realize I only had the smaller range and since it is an older pattern it only goes up to 3t while I usually make him a 4 in O+S.  But I remember reading it was a looser fitting pant, so I asked some lovely friends and felt confident I could get away with a 3t.  I did add 3 inches to the length, though turns out I didn't need to add that much.  That's what I get for winging it:) 

It is usually so hard to get him to look at the camera, but he was loving it this time! Also wearing his monster flashback tee. 

I used a bottomweight, all one material, just in case it was too small, I could have easily given them away.  Plus, a pair of khaki pants are a great wardrobe staple.

I am running low on my custom labels, so I thought this was a fun alternative, he loves it!

Since it was heavier material, I chose to skip the drawstring and instead used button hole elastic. 

I could easily go up to the next size (when I locate a paper pattern- fingers crossed!) as it is a little tight when he puts his hands in the pockets, but he doesn't use pockets often. 

I LOVE O+S for so many reasons, one being the details.  There are two rows of topstitching all over, if I ever get confident enough I will do a contrasting thread.  It would look great in denim with all the topstitching!  And those back pockets, I love them!  I never realized there were buttons on the pockets until I recently saw Justine's and they took a giant leap up my to-make list.

I don't know if I marked the pocket placement incorrectly, with the shirt down they look right to me, but when he raises his arms or without a shirt they look low.  Meh.

Aren't his eyes amazing? No editing at all on them!!

He is such a sweet boy, I asked if he wanted me to make him another pair since he liked these so much.  He said "Well, maybe later.  But first you should make Abby a pair just the same, only purple!"  Always thinking of others, this one.

They wanted to come out and play... :) (in their classic picnic tops).

Saturday, October 27, 2012


So, I have this problem, once I get an idea in my head I am obsessed and think about it all.the.time. until I do it.  I knew I wanted the twins to be Cinderella (George) and Gus Gus (Iz) this year because it will likely be Elizabeth's last year with a giant belly.  Plus, they may finally start talking by next year and have an opinion on what they want to be.  We'll see.   Since we have been remodeling I hadn't really had time to do anything about the costumes, then I got an e-mail from Oliver + S with a sale I couldn't pass up and purchased the fairy tale (among others).  It was supposed to arrive Thursday, or so said the tracking number.  But it didn't, so I got started late Friday night and finished it oh, about thirty minutes before the party.  I was slightly stressed.  My MIL had a size 2-4 disney costume that she said I could cut up and make smaller, but I KNEW I wanted it to be the fairy tale.  This is where the obsession comes in, I knew I would be dissappointed if I didn't go with my plan and think about how I should have just done it.  Sooo glad I made it!  It is exactly how I imagined it.


I thought about possibly making puff sleeves instead of the tulip sleeves, but I am so happy with the look of the tulip sleeves.

I added a peplum and an extra layer of tulle, otherwise everything is exactly as the pattern says.  I always learn SO much with Oliver + S patterns, this is my first zipper.  Pretty proud of myself considering it was on costume satin, that stuff is a PITA to work with!!

For Gus Gus aka big twin, I made the field trip raglan with shortened sleeves and overall length. Then a simple beanie that I just winged. It does fold over to the front, but tends to go all over the place.  I couldn't get a great photo of the cute belly though. 

I also used her pj pants I made a while back.  Wow, they faded a ton!

Abby picked a witch costume from Grandma's box, and Jack just HAD to be a skeleton- again.  Though, Abby has now been a witch 3 of 7 times.  One of these years I want to talk them all in to being things that coordinate, good luck with that!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

After school.

So, I wont bore you with the annoying details about how we signed on the house on Friday, but still haven't recieved the keys... Grrr.  I am pretty angry about it, and used my anger to go throw boxes around in the garage looking for my box of cotton fabric.  I have been enjoying sewing with knit, but I had a craving for some good ol' cotton. 
I found a box with some of my cotton, not really the box I was looking for, but it worked, and pulled out a pattern I haven't tried before.  Oliver + S After School pattern has been on my want to sew list for a while, and now that the weather is cooling down I decided it was time.  I checked out flickr and blogs (like I always do the first time around)  and noticed comments that it could be longer.  Knowing my tall girls, and my hope they don't outgrow their clothes too quickly, I added some length.  Though I am thinking it could use even more, maybe it is just big twin's belly...  I haven't tried it on tiny twin just yet.
I had a small amount of the bird fabric, and a bit more of the peach from a skirt I made Abby a while back, so I decided to combine them for a unique look.  I made size 12m on the chest with 4t length, though I may go longer next time, per my personal prefrence.

I tried to  put her next to the pretty flowers and bushes, but then she spotted her siblings that snuck outside within thirty seconds when I asked them not to...
 And she took off...  (imagine a high pitched squeal and wobbly run that almost resulted in a face plant) ...

But I cornered her next to the weeds. 
I didn't realize there were also buttons in the back until I traced off the pattern.  I kinda like the look.  Chest fits great, sleeves perfect length, cute style, one to make again.
*Updated to add pictures of tiny twin*

Well, hello cutie pie!

I definitely think big twin's belly made the difference in the fit.  I think it may end up being tiny twin's shirt...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC day 7.

I dub this my Cindy Dress.  A few days ago she posted this cute top and I pretty much knew immediatley I would be stealing it complimenting it.  She also posted a tutorial on how she altered the Oliver + S hopscotch top to make it, but I decided to use the flashback tee since I would have less work in altering it since that is the one I used the day before to make my pleat tee.  I followed her basic shape, curving the yoke and lowering the neckline.  I spaced out and gathered along the whole front instead of just in the middle, but I was too lazy to unpick my serged seams.  But next time I will move the gathering to the center.  Oh, and I wasn't bothered to make the sleeves gathered this time, but that will happen on the next one.

No modeled pics yet, girls were already dressed today and ornery, I wasn't in the mood to fight.  I am thinking this will be mostly worn by George, her eyes look amazing in this color!   And I think my buttons are a little off center... I should probably figure that out...

Not a shabby week, nine shirts and two dresses!  It is a good start to their fall wardrobes, but I still have a lot of work to do!  Abby doesn't have one long sleeve top yet and she was complaining it has been a bit cold in the mornings. 

KCWC day 6.

Confession, I didn't sew one bit on Friday.  I just didn't feel like it, plus I did a little extra each day so I figured it made up for it, ha!  And Saturday was iffy, but then  I looked out my window during twins nap time and saw this:


Then, I looked on the couch and saw this:

Soooo, how could I not sew?  I just went quick and easy, since my pattern was already out I made another Field trip raglan.  This time with a single fabric, well, and the ribbing. 

Another girlcharlee print.  This time I went with the 12m chest, 2t length. 

Little twin.  She refuses to look at the camera.

No matter how hard I try.

Except for just this once, and she said "Chis" ... In baby talk that means Cheese.  She now says cracker (cracka), ball (ba), cheese (chis) and occasionally thank you (day do).  Not much.  And of course it is in cute little baby talk that doesn't really sound like the real word to anyone but our family.

I must remember how much I love my twin needle, I bought a few extra so I will hopefully always have one when I need it. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC day 4.

Ah, Thursdays.  My simply amazing, kid-free sewing afternoon, due to my awesome mother-in-law who takes my kids for "Grandma day".  So I set up my machines, put The Killer's in the cd player and look at what I accomplished! 
Last night before I sewed up the raglan for a twin, I also cut out one more for a twin and one for Jack.  Again, the Oliver + s Field Trip Raglan.

Frankensteined size again, 12m chest, 2t length, 18m sleeve length. 

For once I didn't lengthen the pattern! A straight up 4.  Though I kind of did worry and make a plan in case it ended up too short, but it isn't:) When he saw it he said "Okay! This is the one I will wear tomorrow!"  Good sign.

This is a modified flashback skinny tee, using the same modifications as last time, except instead of gathering the front I did a pleat.  The back is still gathered. 

The details blend in a little, it may not have been the best choice for this, but that's alright.

This is the back.

And then a white one, I think it will be tunic length... Can't remember how long I cut it, ha! 

I have a few more shirts planned for the little girls, two for Jack (not that he needs more, but I am on a roll for him, and he usually gets skipped!) then Abby needs some.  Seriously, the girl needs to grow, ha!  She has been in the same size shirt for 2 years, so she has plenty in her closet, but they are starting to look pretty worn, so she will be getting some new shirts this fall too.

KCWC day 3.

I made a promise to myself when I started to sew again after our (temporary) move, I WILL NOT sew until the house is clean.  My life kind of got out of hand for a while and I was putting sewing ahead of house cleaning.  I justified it to myself, it was just another chore since I make all the kids clothes, right?  It wasn't good.  So, I have been keeping my promise, which means I sew at night when the kids are in bed or during part of nap time, depending on what else needs to be done.  So, this was made last night and photographed this morning.  Still technically day 3:)  I also have two more of these in different stages of completion, one for a twin, and one for Jack, and two modified skinny tees (which I am really excited about).  But I misplaced my twin needle and decided it isn't an option to finish the rest until I either find it or make it out for another one.   I did this shirt's hems without and regretted it . 
Anyway, on to the good stuff!  The pattern is the Oliver + s Field Trip Raglan  (sold in paper and digital, but I am a paper snob:).  Ah, the pocket gets me every time.  I love it.  The sleeve material was originally bought to be a tee for the biggest girl, and probably still will be, but I thought it was just perfect with this blue.  Both fabrics are from girlcharlee.  LOVE that place!  

The slightly crooked on the hanger shot.

And the sweet baby shots.  I made a frankenstein version as far as the sizes go, but I typically do:)  The chest is 12m, the length is 2t, and the sleeves are 18m length.  The sleeves are a little long, but I am sure soon enough they will fit fine, and I always lengthen the bodice of patterns as my kids are tall for their age.

I love her still wobbly, bow legged walk.

Still trying to get a decent shot, she notices the tea pot on the lawn.  Turns out it was full of water, and she dumped it on herself.

So I threw it over the make-shift fence around the patio, still determined to get a good shot.  Even if that meant photoshopping out the water spot.  Buuuut, she had other ideas and kept running back to the fence trying to crawl up under the one spot that is just big enough for her to get up and down.  Fearing she would catch the sleeve and make a hole, I gave up.  This is real life y'all.

Word on the street is, the house will close today, but they have been telling us that for the last 3 weeks.  Soooo, until I know for sure, more sewing will be happening like mad (as long as the house is clean, heehee) since we will be remodeling, leaving little time to sew their fall clothes for the next little while. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWC day 2.

Very productive hour and a half today!  I knocked out 3 flashback tees during nap time.  I am pretty sure that is my most used pattern.  I just love it!! So versatile and the fit is great every time.  I could sew one in my sleep, and coincidentally, I did... Weird dream last night. 
I decided to mix it up a bit and make all three slightly different, one long sleeve, one with cuffs on the sleeves and one without cuffs.
And yes, he did model all three, not happily, but he tried.


This one reminds me of pj's, could be the feel of the material.  Jack is OBSESSED with sharks.  Tells everyone about them.  So, when I saw this print I knew it was so him. 

I brought this print home and he didn't want anything to do with it!  Too bad for him I still make him wear what I want, so I went ahead and made it anyways.  Guess what? He loves it.  Silly boy.

I also busted out my twin needle for all the hems.  I really need to do that more often, just gives a more professional look.

Aaaand the last one.  He didn't like this print either.  I made it and he said "you were right Mom, I do like it now!"  That's right buddy. 

He was so excited I let him pick which one he wanted to wear today (the alien one), and when we went to Grandpa & Grandma's he made sure to tell them, "Like my new shirt? My Mom made it!!"

Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC day 1.

Last year I saw the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress in the KCWC pool  many times.  I thought it was only fitting that the pool was the reason I bought the pattern and started in on my obsession with O+S that I make one this week.  That, and I scored some AMH voile for 50% off at my local quilt shop.  Ah-mazing! I am thinking I need to go back and buy more, lots, lots more.  
I have made this pattern a few times now, but never for the big girl.  While she was off at school, the babes were napping and Jack was playing quietly I got to work.  I made View C, size 6 around the chest and 10 for the length.  I thought I was being smart, making it tunic length, but no, it is just about where she likes her shirts normally.  Aaand that's what I get for drafting while she is away.

Sorry, really should have ironed better, but I didn't notice until the picture was staring at me on the computer:)  I skipped the notch this time around, I have struggles getting it to lay perfectly flat and it just drives me crazy when it's not.

I have dreams of making teal skinnies to go with it, but we will see what happens this week (still waiting on news about the house, and it is killing me!!)

And who told her she could grow up?!