Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Picking apples, er, flowers...

After all of my sewing in the last two weeks, I didn't plan on sewing this week at all. Gasp!  Buuut then I got talking to a new sewing friend and was itching to get behind the machine again, two days off is still a break, right? ;)
So I decided on the Oliver + S Apple Picking Dress for the twins.  Likely just Elizabeth for now though, I made a size 2T with 4T length as I read (in the forums, I think) that it can be a little short for taller kids (like mine), plus since it is big on George for now hopefully the extra length will help for later.  

I don't know how I haven't made this pattern before!  I had one planned last December, with fabric even set aside, but never got around to it. 
How cute will it be with knee highs and mary janes?!  Though I don't think I have seen knee high socks anywhere around here, hm...  But then again, it is a little long for now so maybe they wouldn't look like knee socks anyways.

I chose View B, I LOVE the double ruffle and thought the 3/4 sleeves were pretty cute too.  Unfortunately she pulls at the sleeves, maybe they are too tight for her?  Or maybe she just isn't used to having sleeves that length.  Surprisingly enough, she didn't touch the tie at all!  

She was so funny, she kept saying "sit mama! sit!" when I would ask her to stand so I could take a picture of her dress.  And I actually only got two pictures of her looking at me the whole time!

Yeah, she thinks she is pretty funny...

Then she thought it was quite fun to run away, look anywhere but the camera and pick my flowers...

I am going to miss my garden once it cools down (or she picks them all...)

I realize I didn't say too much about the actual pattern, but it sewed up like a dream.  No questions or tricky parts, no unpicking or scratching my head.  Can't beat that!  Also can't beat a stash bust, pattern and fabric.  I am thinking I will make the Family Reunion next which will also be a stash bust!  Because let's be honest,  I can't stay away from my machines for too long (by choice)...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A baby gift.

My sister-in-law is due to have a baby boy in the fall, and her baby shower was today.  So what do I do?  Decide to wait until nearly the last minute to get everything finished, ha!  I didn't really mean to procrastinate this time, but things kept piling up and that is just what kind of happened.  I was literally finishing up the hems on the shirts an hour before the big bash. 
One thing I love about sewing is being able to personalize the items.  I mean, don't we all love that?  My brother-in-law is a huge motorcycle fan (motorcycle racing/motorcycling?  Not sure what the correct term is here) so I knew the second I heard they were having a boy I wanted to make him some moto gear.  He gave me a few ideas of the brands (company? empire?)  he likes so I had something to work with.  I didn't want to give away what I was making, but I didn't know where to start, ha!


The one on the right is Fox, the center one is Honda, and the skidplate one is my personal favorite- and the one I was most excited about.  You see, he has this sticker on the back of his truck so I went home and googled it, trying to find anything like it.  Turns out he had one of his friends make it, so it was a ooak.  Well, that wasn't going to stop me now, was it?  So I took a picture of the back of his truck and played with it in photoshop until I had it just right, then printed it off and painstakingly cut around each.and.every.letter.  It took foreeeever.  But, it was SO worth it!  I am ridiculously happy with the way it turned out! 

The shirts are the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglans , the two white ones are 6month and the blue one is 18month. 

Again with the Field Trip Raglan, this time 12month with a painted moustache.  The pants are Oliver + S After School Pants, I made them the same time as Jack's red pair.  I did their maternity photos last weekend and we were talking about moustaches, real and fake, I thought they might like this one (they seemed to;).

These snugglers, oh how I love these things! I want to kiss who ever invented them.  When the twins were in the NICU they had just started using these on babies, they were flippin expensive too!  We bought two for home ($25/a piece) and could only afford/justify two, Elizabeth had GERD so she inevitably threw up on hers every night.  Let's just say, I think these will be my go-to baby gift, so handy! 

They are the Lotta Jansdotter snuggler (it's a free pattern) and since he is due in cooler weather I went with flannel on the outside and inside.

I wanted to make him some bottoms to go with the 6m and 18m shirts, but wasn't sure what season he would be in, so I owe her some later.   So a nice stack of handmades off to the next owner, can't wait to see baby C in them eventually. 

Friday, August 23, 2013


After the comments on my post about his green pair saying, just make the red ones anyways, well, I did. HA! Maybe I should try another pattern soon though, just sayin'.  I cut these out yesterday too, along with a little itty bitty pair for a baby shower this weekend. 
It was red day at kindy today, so that was when he finally gave me "permission", though I had them cut before we found out he was to wear red.  Guess what though, he really ended up liking them, ha!  He is such a little stinker, and ends up liking things he tells me he will never wear most the time.  In fact, there isn't one thing I have made he refuses to wear (after a while).

So, same as the gray pair, I added 3 inches of length to the size four After School Pants.  I used a really soft bottom weight material.  Not sure exactly what it was (twill perhaps?)  but it has good structure while still being moveable and not a pain to sew at all.  Probably should have kept track of what it was exactly so I could buy some in other colors, ha!

He also chose to wear his Angry Bird Field Trip Raglan since it had red too, though I think he just wanted to wear it because it was the birds. 

He wasn't as excited about this material in the pockets, in the store he threw a fit when I bought it (the one and only time I took him with me, for good reason.  Who says the terrible two's? He throws more fits at five than he ever has!)  I made an identical pair for his soon-to-be cousin (baby shower comment from above) so he thinks that is pretty neat, though they wont fit Jack by the time baby C grows enough to wear them. 

And the tag on the back pocket.  He wasn't thrilled about the tag on the gray pants being on the hem, in fact asked me to cut it off (no thank you). 

He has enough pairs of pants for now, since it is still warm enough for shorts, and I am crossing my fingers for a new Oliver + S boy pattern so I will wait to see what is unveiled. ;) ;)

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I made another pair of After School Pants, though much more muted than last time. 

These are a size 4 again, though this time I added 3 inches rather than the 2, for longer wear.  I used a really lightweight gray denim.

I forgot to add my tag to his back pocket, so I added it to the hem-ish area this time, sort of wish I would have unpicked the pocket and snuck it in.  Oh well.  It was a little tough to sew in since it was sewn on last and getting it under the machine was a little tricky, so my stitching is a little wonky.  Though from far away you can't see it. 

In his pockets this time I added some planet fabric he picked out at the store, turns out it glows in the dark!  He thought that was pretty cool, but was disappointed he can't see the insides while the pants are on. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Disney inspired.

I have a friend with two adorable little girls who hires me to sew for them from time to time (here and here).  This time she wanted things to wear to Disneyland.  She found a few things on pinterest she liked, and when I posted Abby's top she requested one similar, but Disney inspired, of course. 

These two pieces were inspired by this outfit.  (All pieces I made are 6 month and 5T).  The tops are the Rosalie Ruffle Tee minus the ruffles, bottoms are the Cutie Pie  bottoms.  I don't love how the neckband is attached per the pattern so I did my own thing on these two.

I am so excited about the way these turned out!  Ariel will be impressed, I think;)  These are the Sweetheart Halter and I had an easier sew than the last time I used this pattern. 

And last but not least, Snow White, inspired by this shirt.  These two are also the Rosalie tee, all knits were girlcharlee, I love the selection of solids they have had recently! 

These were all my last week nap-time projects.  This week I need to work on some items for my sister-in-law's baby shower, though I haven't narrowed anything down yet- for sure the Lotta Jansdotter snuggler, a couple of t-shirts with motorcycling graphics (dad's a huge fan), and ... don't know what else!  What ever I have time for/catches my attention I suppose. 

Friday, August 9, 2013


Mr. Jack will be starting kindergarten next week and I have put off making school clothes for so long the date snuck up on me!  I have been thinking about these pants for a few weeks now, I asked Jack three separate days, three separate times if I could make him green pants- even showed him the fabric I was going to use.  He said yes, and seemed excited about them.  Well, today he went to play at a friend's house with Abby so during the babes naps I decided to finally make them.  I was so excited to show him... aaaand he hated them.  He said "I didn't think they would be that color green!" Huh?? We talked about this buddy.  So I had to bribe him with fruit snacks to put them on, then a funny thing happened.  An hour passed and he told me they were really comfy.  He still didn't like the color, but I was allowed to make him another pair in a different fabric.  He ended up wearing them most of the night and I *think* he likes them now.  We'll see.
These pants were heavily influenced by the fabulous Peta's (but remember how he said no red?  Yeah, otherwise I would have completely ripped her off complimented her design)  She sews some awesome things for her boys. 

So, on to the pattern details.  This is the Oliver and S After-school pants, size 4 with 2 inches of extra length.  I even did it right this time, and followed the lengthening instructions rather than just adding length to the bottom like usual. 


I love the fit!  While I have made the top once before this is my first time making the pants, but certainly not the last.  I showed Abby the ruffle pocket version and now she wants to be in line for a pair. 

I almost think I prefer sewing for boys (*gasp!*), I love thinking of ways to make "fun" things for boys as they are so hard to find in stores! 

This was his "can I have my fruit snacks yet??" pose:)

As with all Oliver + S patterns, I am always impressed with the seemingly simple details that make such a big impact.  How many people will look close enough at his pants while he is wearing them to notice them?  Not many, I am sure, but I think it is what takes them from being homemade to handmade.  I don't want my things to look homemade, I am always worried the kids will get teased and not want me to sew for them anymore.  Well, except for Jack.  I bought him a couple of shirts to start school and asked if I should buy him more and he said no, he wanted me to make some more.  Awww. 

Again, a Peta detail- and next I want to figure out how to do those rivets like her.  He loves this ribbon, I use it a lot in the waistband along with my size tags for his things. 

I only had to unpick once to make my yoke line up, yay! (haha)  I can't decide, do I just make red ones anyways, or something safe like gray or blue denim?  hmmmm....

Monday, August 5, 2013

A birthday gift.

Ben's best friend's little boy is turning one later this month, so I decided to make him an outfit!  His mom (the baby's) said he is nearly in 18 month clothing, so that is what I went with.  I know, I know, I should go by measurements and I normally do, but he lives a few hundred miles away.  Anyway, on to the outfit! 
Oh, I am pretty sure people I know in real life don't actually read my blog, but if you do, and you know I am talking about you and don't want to see it early- go away ;)


I used the hangout hoodie and the field trip pants and top.  Added a cute little fox and a painted airplane (his bday party is airplane themed).

The hoodie.  Oh dear.  Everything was going great until I got to the placket.  The instructions were just so confusing, so I ended up doing... something... and made it "work"  which is frustrating because it is a gift.  I don't like to have oopsie moments when giving things away.  Ottobre has a hoodie this issue that I will make for the older kids, but they didn't have one in the 18m range. 

The fox is fleece with button eyes.  I lined the hoodie so not to have a yucky seam running down the middle, but then the way you sew on the binding you are left with a seam anyways, blah.

I used some Martha Stewart metallic paint, but it looks glittery instead!  Hopefully not too girly. 

The pants pockets and waistband are lined with a fun print and I added a jeans button to the front.  I did a button hole underneath  but I didn't make it long enough so you can't actually see it, oh well!

And if my cute little girl were a guy, this is what she would wear:) I am a little nervous being he is just turning one and she just turned two, will it be waaay too big??

I want to make this identical outfit for Jack, but he refuses to wear red pants.  Though, he has told me may times he wont wear something I made and he always ends up wearing it eventually.   He has nearly outgrown his other two pairs of FTCs so he will be needing more for school.  Gasp!  I nearly have another one in school!

So after making the hoodie, Jack said he wanted a fox hoodie too. I was lazy and didn't take the time to make him a jacket, plus he will only wear jackets with zippers.  There are pros and cons to both ways,

con- it is harder to sew the applique on
pro- you aren't making an entire hoodie

Cute, eh?  I used the same size fox for both hoodies.  I just free handed him, it took a few tries to get him just right, but I like the way he is now. 

Jack loves him and can't wait for colder weather (still 100f + here!).