Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fall baby.

I have been sewing quite a bit, but not blogging.  Do you ever get that way?  I have always maintained I blog as my journal, to remember what I changed or kept or what I thought of the pattern, the sweet comments from people are just a bonus.  I am getting behind on my journal, but sometimes cute little kids get in the way of what I want to do, ha!  

So, first up of things sewn but not blogged, an outfit for our family pictures for Sam.  

I used the Charlie Sweatshirt, a free six month sized pattern.  I hemmed and hawed and struggled with what I wanted to make for him, nothing seemed quite right.  I saw this pattern two days before I needed it and printed it immediately.  The fit was spot on, I was thrilled.

Knowing I was going to pair the shirt with his orange jeans I topstitched the elbow pads (what's the technical word?) with the same orange thread I used for the pants.

This knit was awful, when I ironed it it stuck to my machine! What?! I've never had that happen.

The pants are the Small Fry Skinny Jeans size 6 months, but modified a bit.  I made them once before for Sam and absolutely loved them.  So much so, that I cut out a stack of them and have been slowly working on them.  I could never be a sweatshop worker.  I finished up all but Abby's, so at least I am close.  Jack's don't fit at all, sadly, even though he measures in to the size smaller than what I made.  Anyway, so I decided to skip the flat felled seams on the inside of the leg and took a smaller seam allowance on the sides and when sewing the back legs together to give him a little more room since my kids are apparently giants and not really made for skinny jeans.

I chose the half fly with topstitching.  I skipped the belt loops, but kept all the fun stuff like the coin pocket and lots of topstitching.

I even topstitched the back pockets, even though they totally blend in.  I couldn't help myself... I am only a little crazy, most days.

I super duper love the pants pattern and highly recommend it.  I need to sew the button hole on for the twins pants and finish up Abby's, they are all getting antsy for them!  That's what I get for showing them what's in the pipe line;)

P.S. his shoes are the moccs I made for him here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A pair of Carousel Dresses.

Have y'all seen the new Oliver and S fall patterns?  I was sort of on the fence about them, I mean I knew I would buy them eventually, but then I saw this dress and was completely sold, and had to rip it off compliment it.  

This is the Carousel Dress, I measured the girls and they both fit in to the size 3T in chest and length, I normally have to lengthen for them.

I had planned to use Elizabeth's for family pictures later this month, but it kind of doesn't photograph very well.  I likely will still use it because I am sort of pressed for time.

I really enjoyed this dress, it was quite quick and a very easy sew.  I thought the pockets were really neat, they are slightly bigger than the side panels so that the stand out a bit.

Not that you can really tell, but I cut the pockets on the bias to give it a little interest and break up the stripes a bit.

Then there is Ms. George, she absolutely loves purple.  I saw this pin and loved it, but still wanted to keep the pockets as they are both obsessed with pockets lately.  I am a little worried it is a little too loud, or too many colors, but she just loves this dress so much and kept asking when I would be done.

I call that a pretty satisfying sew, when they are antsy for you to finish then you know they like it.

I really love how the back is with the sleeve bands and hem, that would even be a fun color block idea, front, pockets, sleeves, neckband one color then sleeve bands and hem another.

All in all, I really liked this pattern.  My only struggle was with the back facing, it is rounded and I couldn't get it to iron evenly to topstitch, luckily it is on the inside so I am the only one who knows (well, and now all of you).

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trousers for the little man.

Little man is in desperate need of some pants, especially something church appropriate.   When he was littler we took him in just a onesie or a romper, but now that he is a little bigger and it is getting colder I figured it was as good a time as any to make him a proper pair. 

Ah, aren't they (and he) just so cute?   This is the Oliver and S Art Museum Trousers size 6 month.  They fit well around him but are pretty long, like roll up 3 times long.  I am considering shortening them just a bit because I wonder if he will size out in width before length, but I will probably be lazy and just roll them lots, haha.  

He is also wearing his almost outgrown modified Layette top.

I had made the pattern once before and struggled with the welt pockets, I was determined to do them right this go 'round, I think the first time it was a combination of me being in a hurry, past midnight and a too heavyish material.

I also decided to bind the waistband lining this time, I love the look, but am cringing at my crooked tag, oops!  I didn't notice until there was lots of unpicking if I decided to fix it so I left it.  Also, I did one of the pockets wrong on the inside.  Meh, it looks great on the outside.

I also did the  belt loops this time.  Kid's never gonna wear a belt (or use pockets) but it completes the look.

Gah, baby toes get me every time.

Seriously, I felt like a rockstar this time when I completed the pockets.  Liesl's instructions are just amazeballs, you should get the pattern just for them.

The fabric is awesome too.  It's Robert Kaufman Chambray Union in Indigo Herringbone, it's buttery soft but still feels like it will hold up for pants, well at least for Sam, not sure about for Jack.   Though, he does want a pair of them now too, he has worn the first pair at least twice a week (more if they're clean).  Sadly they got a hole in the knee, it's small enough that he still wears them, but it's getting bigger.  But I am not too sad, 9 month of wear at two to three times a week isn't too bad at all!

I am debating on an Art Museum Vest too, but do I do the same material?  If not, then what?  I am so not fashion smart.