Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beards shirt.

I have been meaning to make this shirt for Ben, actually, but I made it for Jack today. 

My printer was being a whiney brat and didn't like my transfer paper this time (new printer from the last time I have made printed shirts), I think it might have been too hot for the paper because it sort of came off as it printed, so I had to print out three of these to get enough decent graphics to make one (that still isn't perfect).  Sigh.  I miss my old printer.

He refused to look at the camera because "I sorta like this shirt and sorta don't", thanks buddy.  Oh well, I like it.

I used the Flashback skinny tee and actually guessed at the size (5T) as he was in school while I made this, I guessed right though:)  The letters are kind of wonky because I cut them each individually, but that just adds to it's charm, right?

The shorts are Field trips from last year, still his favorite shorts, definitely need to add another pair or two for this summer.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swing top.

I am not sure how much I will get sewn this week (in case you're out of the loop somehow, it's Kids Clothes Week Challenge again!), but I am going to try!  We are currently working on an additional bedroom (yay!) and regular house/kids things always seem to get in the way, but that's life! 

So I started with something really easy, and most important, useful in the closet.  

I made #21 from the current issue of Ottobre Design (1-2014) size 92cm.  I knew the 92cm would be a little big, but that was the smallest size they offered.  It is also supposed to be a long sleeved shirt, but being she was in shorts yesterday I shortened the sleeves.

I used 17 inches for the neck binding (for my notes) and that was way too much, it gapes quite a bit, but I am hoping a good wash will help a little.  Once you put something on the twins, you don't take it off until bedtime unless you want all hell to break loose.

I really like the shape of the top, it reminds me a lot of the ones I made here and here, I am sure if I used a lighter weight knit it would drape better too.  I think it's pretty cute on her, despite the gaping neckline.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Badminton shorts.

As soon as I saw the new twill from the Lisette line I knew it was meant just for me.  I snatched up two yards and started thinking about which pattern to use.  I remembered Justine made a fab pair of Ikat badminton shorts, so these are inspired by her, who was in turn inspired by Peta's, community effort.  

I made Oliver + S Badminton in the 18-24 month size and they fit perfecto on George, I haven't tried them on Izzy yet but I left a little room in the elastic just in case they work for her too.  They should as she is the one I measured when choosing the pattern size.

My only dilemma when using this fabric was how it would be sooo obvious I suck at pattern matching being the shorts are two pieces (not including the waistband), so I decided to turn my pattern pieces into one thus eliminating the side seams.

Wanna know how I did it? (so you don't do it wrong and waste fabric like me)

Since I was eliminating the side seams I had to take that amount off the pattern pieces.  I drew a line a half an inch from the side (in marker so I could see through for the next step)

Then I matched up the lines I had drawn and taped the two pieces together and cut two of my now one pattern piece.  Easy peasy!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I am itching for warmer weather, it has been in the sixties for the last few days so I have hope, ha!  When the Sarah Jane Out to Sea line came out I snatched up a whole bunch of it... then it sat (well, aside from the Roller Skate dress).  I knew I wanted to make sure and use it this summer, so I decided to use some of it up on my first warm weather project of the year.  I had some lovely friends recommend that the fabric I wanted to use would be perfect for the Seashore Dress and they were right! 

The print is very busy and so the sweet details of the dress get lost, but that's alright, I still love it.  I made a size 3T thinking it would last longer... but it is just right for Iz right now, luckily it will fit Georgie for probably the whole summer.  

I eeked a size 3T out of one yard.  The front facing is a contrasting color because there wasn't quite enough and I used some very creative cutting but since it wasn't a directional print it worked out just fine.

She loves it.  "A new dress for meeee?!" It is such a sweet shape.  I am totally geeking out at joining Sarvi's ultimate pattern bust project, we desert folk are heading to a beach house for the week over Spring Break (another reason to start the summer sewing now!), so this dress will be properly photographed by the seashore.  And possibly with twin #2 as twin #1 (in this scenario, IRL George is twin #1) isn't so in to looking at the camera lately.  Then again, maybe she will be so occupied with the sand and the water that I can get some decent shots! 

I thought I was being so smart by giving her a cup of snacks and putting a bit of polka dot tape on the floor where I wanted her to stand, I wasn't.  She soon threw her cup when she noticed the tape sitting on the entryway table.

And did her part by adding more to the floor, she needed another strip to show her where to put the other foot apparently.

But hey, it worked!  I didn't bother with sweeping the peanuts during our shoot as I wasn't certain how long she would be interested in standing there for me.

Look!  She looked at the camera without putting her fingers in her mouth or sticking out her tongue! I call that success.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crazy pants.

Last month while at Jo-anns I was browsing, not there for anything in particular (that can be dangerous sometimes!), and came across this fabulous stretch denim.  Totally not my style, but it caught my eye.  I told myself I was being ridiculous, what would I do with it?? I thought maybe Abby would like it (she did), but still resisted.  So I walked around some more and ended up back at the rack, staring.  Three times I repeated this before I just caved and put it in my cart.  I fully intended to wash and sew it immediately.  But of course, things don't always go according to plan.  I saw it last night in my stash and realized if I was going to make some pants, it was now or never- by March we are usually in shorts, of course pants can be worn year round, but I don't typically put them on the kids in the really hot months.  

Then came the dilemma, what pattern?  I had a pair of Peekaboo skinny jeans cut out from last year that I lost interest in (bad, I know) and was almost positive I didn't want to use that pattern.  I had a specific look in mind, I wanted a slim fit, almost legging like.  I don't quite remember how, but I ended up researching the Hosh Pants pattern.  There were tons of cute versions, and most with loud patterns- perfect!  And it had the slim fit I was looking for.  

Izzy (not pictured, just in case you don't know their names, ha!) measured in to the 12m- what?!  I wasn't sure I believed that so I went ahead and made the size 2T (there is no 18m option) with 3T length.  For George, I would make the 12m with 3T length next time, she is swimming in them!

The fabric is really busy so in the pictures it kind of hides how baggy the bum is, but the elastic is cinched waaay up!

I must admit, I can't really give a review of the pattern instructions, I didn't follow them at all.  I read through and decided to make them with a mix of Oliver +S and Clever Charlotte knowledge.  But I like the pants, the fact that they are one piece for the legs makes for an easier way to show off prints (I hate pattern matching with a passion), I will definitely be making these again (maybe next fall).

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's never too cold for Ice Cream.

I haven't been sewing lately because, well, the kids don't need any clothes at the moment!  If I was smart I would probably start on spring sewing as our weather starts to warm in March.  This is kind of spring-ish, I suppose.  

The Oliver + s Ice Cream Dress, size 2T with length.  I have made this pattern quite a few times, but it has been quite a while.  I always get nervous when it comes to attaching the back yoke so I tend to shy away from this one.  

Not too bad this time though, in my opinion.  Though the corner by the button could be better, someday I will make it perfect:)

Girlfriend hearts the pockets.  She has spent all day putting toys in them.

I originally planned to use the stripes for the yoke and hem band with the flower as the body of the dress, but then I thought it would be a fun subtle detail to alternate the stripes.

I have another custom order from a friend who is heading on a Disney Cruise, I am quite excited about what she picked!   Plus, this way I can get a little sewing in while not creating more unneeded laundry for me, ha!