Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Playing with dye, again.

As soon as I saw this dress I knew I had to copy it.  I just happened to pick up some gauze from Jo-ann that day, and some RIT dye to make my own coral since I haven't been able to find anything locally, so I got to work immediately!

I actually had planned to make this top to go with the eyelet shorts from the other day, but then after I dyed the gauze I realized it went perfectly with some linen I had also picked up that day so I made another pair of Puppet Show Shorts size 12 month to go with the top. 

And I also hopped on the Washi tape trend, it is so much easier than moving my pictures off the wall or clearing off the coat hooks every time!  Plus, pick your plum had it for really cheap one day:)

It was a kind of hard color to capture.  I really like the look of it on her, perfectly summery.

It is quite long right now, but I figure she'll get lots of wear from it now and by the end of summer George can take over.

It was a very blustery day.  Luckily (?) it was a hot wind, so perfectly fine for a strappy top and cute shorts.

See? Not bothered at all by the wind:)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shorts + Tank.

I was in Target the other day and stopped by their kids clothing section to see if anything caught my eye, and so much did!  So there I stood snapping pictures like crazy with my camera phone in the middle of the baby section... wait, doesn't everyone do that?  Come on, fess up!  HA! So I saw these super cute eyelet shorts in the exact eyelet I had seen at Jo-Ann's earlier (and also with Karen's Washi dress) and knew I just had to make something similar. 

I used the Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts and made size 12 month, Izzy measured in to the 12m and George in the 6m, but they are a little tight on Iz.  I know, I know, white shorts for a 1 year old (or two one year olds) are just not that great of an idea.  I figure they can be bleached or even dyed eventually if they get too yucky. 

Also I used the scrap I had left from my jump rope dress to make the toddler swing tank free pattern from True Bias.  If I were to make the tank again, I would make the back opening a little longer as it is a little tough to get on Elizabeth, it is fine for George but she is smaller:)

These pictures just don't do the shorts justice...

And a red button for the back.

She kept crouching down like this, ha!

This face is just so Georgia, she pulls it all the time.

Aren't her pigtails just the cutest?  Although they make her look older :(

Friday, April 26, 2013

Parsley shorts.

I wanted to try the Parsley Pants pattern again since in the group of testers mine were the only ones who fit perfect the first time, Abby could have gone with the 7 (and I tried the 6) so that was expected, but Jack's were perfect and I was baffled as the other tester's came back a bit big and a little was taken off of the final pattern piece to make them more of a slim fit.  Rae and I thought maybe it was because of the material I used (gingham, it was a little slippery).  So this time I used a bottom weight, I *think* it was a lightweight denim, but I bought it so long ago I can't remember anymore, ha!   So these are a size 4 in the original pattern pieces we were given.


I think it was just the material, these are a little more roomy than the first pair.  I just randomly picked a spot to shorten the pattern and really like the length they ended up. 

Since his Angry Bird shirt was in the wash this morning, he chose a different shirt from yesterday, and he is going camping with his Grandparents tonight and tomorrow so I think I will just send him his sunglasses one so he has to wear it at least once, haha!  Plus, he told me, "gray matches gray, so I match!"

I used red thread to topstitch for something a little difference, he is excited because it "Matches my red Angry Birds shirt!!"  See? Told you he is all about the Angry Birds right now... (I used  red thread for the hems on the shirt).  I also lined the pockets with some cotton material that is blue and has trains, cars and motorcycles on it.  I couldn't pull it out far enough to get a picture, so you'll just have to use your imaginations, haha! 

If you have ever read my blog for more than a second you can probably tell I am super picky about my patterns, and usually wont even touch pdf's, but I can't recommend Rae's patterns enough! I LOVE them.  Great instructions, easy to put together pattern, measurement charts so you can get the right fit.  So yeah, I pretty much recommend this pattern and having used her patterns before I would have bought it straight away if I wasn't a tester:)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three new tees.

So, not a whole lot has been accomplished over here.  I think everything has stacked up against me and is just laughing in my face at this point.  Oh well.  While I would have liked to participate a little more this week (I like the feeling of 'community'), let's be honest, I sew all the time for my kids so their wardrobes will get done eventually. 
I have a rather large pile of UFOs, I haven't ever had a pile before!  I can't find the right project lately to keep my attention if I don't finish it the day I start it.  (Naughty, naughty).   So I found a pile of shirt fronts for Jack from a month or two ago and made a deal with him, you do x chore and I will finish your Angry Bird shirt.  (The kid is obsessed).  So that was one of the three I finished up this morning.  

I used the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan, size 4 with extra length for all three, and also T-shirt transfer paper to print off my own graphics to add to the shirt (like the Star Wars one I did here and his Weezer one here ).

He HATES this one.  Don't know why, but he does.  I told him it could be a camping shirt then, ha!  I have a feeling it will grow on him- or at least I hope it will!  Maybe one day it will just accidentally be his only clean shirt... :)


He likes this one though.  Yay.  He and Abby have been way in to paper airplanes lately.  At first I thought I wanted to use embroidery thread to make a trail coming from the end of the planes, but then I was worried about rough boy play and it ripping out. 

Then the shirt he worked so hard for... kind of, the chore didn't actually get all the way done... He talks to EVERYONE about Angry Birds, I am afraid he might get a little on the annoying side with it, but he is so cute and animated the way he talks about the game. You might not be able to tell, but his hat is "Space Angry Birds" and he wears it pretty much everyday. 

Me: "Jack, can you smile with your teeth? Please?"
Jack: "Um, no, I don't think so."
Me: "Can you at least look at the camera when I take your picture?"
Jack: "No, I don't want to do that either."

HAHAHA! I love this kid.

I have been a little annoyed at how my t-shirt neckbands don't look great coming out of the wash- that is the benifit of knit, right?  Not having to iron??  So I tried something a little different this time, I used my twin needle to hold the seam allowances down, hopefully that solves my problem. 

So, not nearly the hour a day I set out to do this week to participate in Kids Clothes Week, but I have one super happy 4 year old, which makes the week that much better.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Little goldfish romper.

I have been wanting to sew a romper for the twins, I neaaarly bought a pattern the other night then a friend (Cindy, hello there!) was talking about sewing a romper from Ottobre.  Duh!  So I went through my magazines and found two.  Score.  I started with one in 3/2012, #1 Little goldfish romper.  I have only sewn from the magazines a handful of times so I was unsure which size to sew, I went with 86cm but that was a little too big.  Better than being too small though, right? Yes!


Also, I used a pink gingham and that was a mistake.  The pattern calls for poplin lined with gingham, but ya know, I thought I could get away with it.  Fail.  It is fine everywhere but the front panel, it tends to flop down.  Though, that could be because it is a little too big.  Time will tell. 

Oh, it is way too big for Georgia, but she was just rocking it so perfectly (the shirt is also too big, poor girl!).  Sparkly shoes? Check.  Upside down sunglasses? Check.  Cute little smile and adorable attitude? Double check!

The leg elastic was based more on Iz, though a little big for her too for growing room. 

It has cute crossed straps with an extra little strap to keep them crossed. 

See about the front?  I am going to use a heavier fabric (quilting cotton) and make it a size smaller, maybe keep the length though because they are both tall.  Not too bad for a first go! 

Parsley pants.

I am lucky enough to be on Rae's list of testers (have now tested the Pierrot, Geranium and Parsley) and she emailed last week to see if I was interested in testing her new pants pattern (which will soon be released, and I will update with the link *** It's here!***)  Of course I was!  I seriously LOVE her patterns.  So I volunteered to make 2 sizes since it looked like a fairly easy sew (and it was!) 


I made a pair of pants for Abby, size 6, she could have been in a 6 or 7.  This is some Lisette twill I picked up on super sale at Jo-Anns last season when my local one was closing and moving locations. 

The pattern could be as little as only one piece (same piece for the front and back), I love that there are no seams on the sides, only on the inseam. Easier to match plaids and stripes;)

I showed these the other day, and here they are again.  These ones I made as shorts and ombre dyed them, they are now in heavy rotation.  She wears them until I literally steal them from her room after bed to wash them.  Success?  I think yes. 


Here is a bit better shot of the ombre dye.  I kind of wish I had made the waist band/ top of the bum area a bit darker, but I was working only with the dye I had on hand. 

And I made a size 4 for Jack.  Apparently I didn't get a normal shot with his shirt down, so you get little boy tummy. 
I used super soft gingham and  some yellow I had on hand left over from the Fairy Tale belt.

His favorite part of the pants are the "awesome knee things!"  And he refused to let me do his hair becasue, and I quote:  "We aren't going to church today"  Apparently that is the only time I am allowed to put gel in his hair.

He loves them and I think he will get use from them even in the summer since the fabric is pretty light weight, he was super happy they were blue too.  He requested blue knee pads, but I over ruled ;)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Bright and bold, that's my style.  Luckily Abby is more than happy to oblige. 

The top is the Roller Skate, I think I need to start Roller Skates Anonymous... Size 6 tunic length in a super soft yellow gingham.  How did I not know gingham didn't need to be ironed out of the dryer?? I think I am in love!  Maybe it was just this one though:)

Rae emailed earlier in the week and asked if I was interested in testing her new pants pattern, I love testing for her- great patterns, great instructions, lots of fun.  Anyway, more details on the pattern (that I turned in to shorts here) later.  I was chatting with some friends and Johanna mentioned she cut out some pants that might be see through depending on the undies worn by her child and was throwing around ideas and one was ombre dying them.  I immediately loved her idea, and even had some white denim that also happened to be a little see through, so I decided to borrow her idea- and I love it!! I picked the denim up as a "damaged" piece because the bolt had been dropped on the ground so I picked it up for $/2yd (normally $12/yd) I just wish I bought more!  I used Violet RIT dye, I kind of wish I had left the waistband/top of the pockets area in a bit longer but my water was no longer warm.  Oh well.  And I think it would look even better with pants.

The details.  The button is purple though it looks a little navy here to me... Some lace trim I picked up second hand for crazy cheap.  I got probably 20 yards of various trims for $1!! Abby was super excited about the heart.

The kids at school are allowed to make paper airplanes during recess, well, Abby didn't know how but still tried and some girls made fun of her attempts.  Last night daddy taught her how to make a great one and today they all asked her to teach them how to make one as nice as hers.  She and Jack may be a little obsessed with paper planes... She requested a picture of her flying her new plane...

and asked if we could change the name of the shirt to the "paper plane shirt" :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Swingset set.

It feels like forever since I have sewn, or at least had a finished product to show- HA!  Oh my WIP pile is embarassingly large, but instead of finishing one of those needed items (like pjs for the twins) I decided that I just *had* to make a Swingset tunic + skirt.  So I did.  But then I couldn't get a decent modeled shot because it is sooo windy and cold outside (it dropped 25 degrees from the weekend!) and I tried to take photos in the twins' bedroom because it has the best light after nap time. 

Well, the best light if you aren't standing on the toybox with the window behind you... So this is the best shot of the front of the outfit.

There were lots of distractions. 

I made size 18 month top with an inch or two of extra length (just winged it so I am not sure) since Georgie will be wearing it later in the season.  The skirt is size 12 month with no mods, though I think I could either go with 18 month next time or add some length.  It was fine around the waist but will be too short before long. 

Since I couldn't get a good shot of the skirt, here it is on the wall!  I used the strawberry print for the drawstring and just a cream muslin for the lining.  I really want to make a chambray skirt, consider it added to the list.

And finally, smiles from Georgia.  She reaaaally wanted her picture taken and I was more than willing to oblige.  She sat so nice and still, said "chis" and even smiled!