Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A bubble dress.

I have a plan for Easter sewing, a dress for each of the girls and a button down and pants for the boys.  It is an ambitious goal considering I am only just now starting, but as with years past I am not going to kill myself trying or be disappointed if I can't get it all done.  

I started with this yard of fabric, my whole plan revolves around it.  I picked the other two girls dress fabrics based on the colors in this dress.

I was going to wait on photographing the outfits until I had them all finished and could do them together, but I found this incredible spot this afternoon on a walking trail.  It happened to be one of the few spots accessible from the street (it is off a twisty narrow road), and pretty much the only spot that you can't see houses in the distance or power lines.

I can't believe it's been two years since I last made this pattern, the girls wore those to death, until they became indecently short.  So, I figured to knock out two birds with one stone, Easter sewing and the size 5 project.  This is, of course, the Oliver + S Bubble Dress in a size 4.  It is a really quick sew, and able to be made out of just one yard, well, one yard for the main and one for lining.

Georgie was so excited while I was sewing this dress, 'It's just for me?!' 'Do I have to share?' and Iz was so confused, 'but why is there only one?'.  Haha, I usually assembly line two for them, but I figure it probably isn't a great idea this time as their closets are quite full already and I want to make other patterns in the stash...

So, I plan to make Izzy a Fairy Tale, Jack and Sam a Sketchbook and Art Museum, aaaand Abby is my only question mark.  I am thinking a Garden Party, but we will see how she feels.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

At the orchard.

These two can be so sweet it kills me dead.

Except all day long when they were fighting over who got the feather dress.  Then I winked at Abby and pointed to the purple one while asking her which was her favorite, so she answered purple and from then on it was Elizabeth's favorite.  Iz looks up to her big sis like crazy.

I had this crazy vision in my head after seeing a similar dress with a striped bodice and a floral skirt.  I was determined to make it work with only fabrics in my stash and late at night to boot.  So I thought through my patterns and decided on the Oliver + S Playtime Dress, modified to my 'needs'.  I wanted short sleeves and a curved front bodice, so I simply left off the sleeves and sketched out a curve on my pattern piece until I got a shape I liked.  I probably could have made the curve a little higher.  

I made a size 4T and lengthened the skirt.  I forgot that (in my opinion) this one runs a little long- which really isn't a bad thing.

Speaking of the skirt, it is a knit.  I really love the way it moves and hangs, she loves that it is so soft and twirly.  I used the full width of the fabric and made the seam run down the center back.

For the bodice I pieced together strips of cotton, I was crazy excited when I realized I had the exact green in my stash to match- what are the chances of that?  Last year I picked up a yard each of some random colors that caught my eye that I wouldn't normally buy, apparently it paid off! HA!

To keep it nice on their skin I fully lined the bodice, which also conveniently finished the sleeves at the same time. I did the same with the all stripe dress.

I love making the girls coordinate, so then I decided I needed a stripe dress, this time using bigger strips (because small strips were a pain!).  I alternated the direction of the stripes for kicks and giggles.  Plus, I thought it would be a fun look, though at the last minute I nearly kept them all horizontal.

With this one I kept the bodice as per the pattern.

Supposedly they will share these dresses, as George promised Iz she could 'wear da feaders next time Eez!'.  Don't think I believe it, but at least Elizabeth decided to like the purple one.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mini Hudson for school.

 This week is book week at school, in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday.  In years past they have dressed up as a book character, but not this time.  This time it's things like wear a hat (two days, come on guys, be more creative), build a snowman treat in class, wear winter clothes (which is humorous being two weeks ago we were in the high 70's but we seem to have been hit by some cold weather which put us in the low 50's- still not winter), aaaand wear your jogging/exercising clothes.

Since other mini hudsons were calf length I threw her together a new pair on short notice (yesterday after school) so she could participate.  That, and I am not one to take all the kids to the store in a rainstorm.

I had this print in mind for some mini hudsons for a bit, though I was thinking calf length.  I like these, though, and so does she.  Again I made a size 10, but I added 1.5" to the length, I could have added more to make them last, apparently.  Good thing I added something!

I am sad they only go to a 10 because we will have to find another pattern to fill the void before she fits the women's sizes.

Ben says they are... very flamboyant.

That's okay, I kind of love them.  And better on her than me. I had planned to make them for the twins, but I think Abs will get more wear out of them, she loves these kind of pants and the fact they are 'trendy' now and she can get away with wearing them to school- even better in her eyes!

Side view for personal fit reference.

Same for the back.

Jack was super excited to wear his too.