Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Star Wars shirt...

... that I still don't understand... Remember when I made the Yoda shirt last spring and confessed I hadn't seen the movies?  Yeah, still haven't.  And while he hated it at first, it has since become one of his favorite shirts. 
So anyway, I was asking Ben a few nights ago what kind of symbol or logo I should put on a shirt for Jack.   He suggested the Empire symbol or The Flash, something not everyone would know right off.  I like those kind of shirts, kind of like an inside joke:)  So I google searched for an logo image and ran across a shirt that Ben really liked and said that was the one.  A while back he was so thoughtful and brought me home some transfer paper.... and I was a little scared to use it.  Just worried that I would mess it up somehow.  Then I found a Star Wars font online and guess what? It just happened to have the symbol! So I made this in photoshop and printed it on the paper and ironed on.  Easy peasy! What was I worried about?

Alderaan shot first

So Star Wars geeks, is this funny?  Supposedly yes... ;)  The shirt and shorts are both from the Oliver and S Field Trip pattern, both size 4.  For the shorts I just left of the front and back bottom pieces, and shortened the front knee piece, skipping the darts.  They came out the perfect length!  He has never seen the movie either, but is convinced it says something about Angy Birds... oh, and it is blue so that doesn't hurt either.

I don't usually sew while the twins are awake, but they were just so happy with their Sesame Street, marshmallows, glasses and juice I was able to finish up before nap time yesterday.  (I just had to include this, aren't they adorable?!)

He loved the "secret pockets" and waistband last time, I just "had" to do it again.  Still loves it. 

And he was bummed on the last pair I didn't add the truck ribbon, so I made sure to add it this time.  Funny being he was so mad when I put it on the first time.

I have another idea I want to try with these, but wanted to test the length of the shortened pattern before I go on altering things:)

So since it was my first time trying the transfer, I didn't realize I should have trimmed really close, and even cut the logo and words seperate.  Next time!  It isn't too noticeable when he is wearing it luckily.

He was bummed  I told him I had to wash this before he wore it for the day (per factory instructions) or it might come off.

So he said "I'll make sure it doesn't come off!" and stared at it until I took the shirt off him.  Silly kid!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Yet another lace tee.

Remember my deal with Abby?  Get your room clean, and I will make you another lace t-shirt.  Well, girlfriend finally got around to it, and I had a request for a tutorial, so perfect excuse to make another.
So like last time I used Cindy's tutorial to modify the Oliver + S Hopscotch top, this time in size 6 with extra length, remembering to raise the neckline this time so it wouldn't be too wide.   I sewed all the pieces together, treating the lace and front bodice as one piece.  I didn't hem the sleeves, length or neck lines yet since polyester thread wont take the dye.  Basically I went as far as I could before the stitches would show. 


So this is the part where I like to look up the Rit dye formulation chart to see if I can find a color I like, and have the right dyes for.  (I have a few too many bottles... though never the ones I really want... hm...)

I chose my color then ran my tap until it was as hot as it would go and added it to a dedicated non-food container. 

I am just gonna say it now, I don't follow rules or directions well so you might want to look somewhere else if you need exact measurements. 

So, I added a good amount of salt (heard it helps the process) with some Scarlet and a little more Wine than Scarlet. The more water you add, the more dye you will need.  Also, the more dye you add the darker it will be- at least in my experience.  (The Rit site has exact measurements). Stir well.  Then add your shirt.  Make sure it is fully immersed in the water. 

This is what it looked like immediately.

This was 45 minutes later.  Not a whole lot darker this time, the last three times it did make a huge difference leaving it in longer. 

I like to stir the tub every 3-5 minutes, though I have read you should constantly stir.  You can leave it in as long as the water is  hot.

Aaaand rubber gloves are a good idea, though I never use them.  It will dye your hands for about a day, but no biggie.  Be very careful on your work surface, you may want to cover it, and careful when you pour out your dyed water. 

Run the shirt under warm water gradually making it colder until the water runs clear.  Again, I am a rebel and run it until it is mostly clear, still a little color there sometimes (after ten minutes of rinsing, I was just done).  Then put it in the washing machine, your cycle should be a warm wash then cold rinse. 

(You will want to wash seperately for the first 3-4 times so as not to dye your other clothes!)

Different materials take the dye differently.  This shirt and onesie were in the same tub at the same time.  They were both cotton, but  I am not sure what the lace was- the bolt only had the name of the company. 

Yep, I am officially obsessed.  It started with the blue tee then the tees for the twins and now this!  I am sure there are worse things to be stuck on...

So wash, dry and hem your shirt.  The neck is just turned under and stitched down.  I have usually had the right thread color, but not this time, so I used gray for a fun contrast.

So you get this!  Not too bad for an afternoon, right?

And little missy just loves it.  She left it on until bath time, then put it back on for bed so she would remember to wear it in the morning for school:)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another tee or two.

 After Abby's dyed lace tee I just wanted to try it again! So I thought Cindy's hopscotch remix would be the perfect shirt to add a bit of lace... and dye!  I may or may not want to dye every thing in sight.

Oh how these two crack me up.  This time Elizabeth wanted to stand by George, complete opposite from last time.   Georgia kept trying to walk away, and Iz thought she was pretty funny.

Since I was drafting a new size I followed her tute unlike the last times when I used the flashback as a guide.  Still have a few bugs to work out, I need to raise the bodice neckline just a bit.  It isn't bad on Elizabeth, but it is way too wide on tiny Georgia... though if I had used ribbing instead of just turning under, it would have been higher.  For my notes, size 18 months in the chest and 3T length.  I made a few un-altered hopscotch tees straight 18 months a while back and they are all too short, but still very much fit around (heck, even the 12m dresses still fit! - more of a tunic now), so I figured if I add enough length we could get lots of wear from them.

Elizabeth's I dyed with equal parts purple and violet dye.

And George's I used fuschia and cherry red, mostly fuschia with a splash of cherry. 

I like the way they both turned out. Aaand didn't actually do pink and purple on purpose.  I looked up the formulation chart and picked a color, sewed and dyed, then did the next without thinking about the first.  Though I also really do like how the two look together, like they compliment each other as if I did it on purpose, ha!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The lace tee and a skirt.

Only yesterday I was complaining about the fact I didn't have anything exciting on the brain, which led to searching the web for something to do with the left over lace from those leggings.  When I ran across this gem.  Oh.My.Gosh.  I had to make it immediately.  I started to search her blog for any other posts that might include the shirt and came across a few helpful posts (that I will link to when I explain the shrt a bit more  *updated: she has now linked to the posts I also linked to... just so ya don't think I am crazy and missed them:) *).


Here it is paired with her new-ish but never blogged Oliver + s Hopscotch skirt (also a ribbon covered bangle she made herself this weekend).   The skirt is size 6 and she picked the pink buttons herself, I tried to steer her towards white so it would match everything, but she insisted.  She's cute,  I let her get away with it. 

How did I not realize the picture potential of this small bit of fence that I share with my one of my neighbors? (one of 5, that's a lot of people that touch our property).  Now I am even more excited for the grass to turn green.  I was so excited for her to get home from school so she could try it on.  She looks at it and first thing she says to me "Can I wear it to school tomorrow?" the next "Will you make me another one". 

Obviously (well, if you read my blog regularly or are a contact on flickr) you know the lace was white.  I used RIT dye, aquamarine, and while I would have liked it a bit darker, this works just fine.  I should have remembered the color since I had used it before...

Awwww! Look at how little they once were!  Three months or so here ... And look at how Georgia (left) used to be bigger than Izzy!  Well, not a lot bigger, but a half pound or so.  Now they are six pounds different!

I just had to include this one because who doesn't love ruffle bums on babies?  These were pre-blogging days, and very early on in my sewing adventure. 

Okay, so back to the shirt.  I studied every picture on her post and read the description over and over again trying to get every bit of information before starting.  I saw this post that gave a look at the neck finishing and this post that talked about color blocking. 

Here are the two pieces that I used to make mine.  I used the flash back skinny tee size 6 as a guide.  I followed the dip of the front neckline, but next time will either do in between the front and back, or just use the back as it ended up a little too wide.  Also I need to make the sleeves a little wider for a more comfy fit, maybe go straight from the neckline instead of slightly diagonal.

*Updated to add: I have been talking a bit with her on her blog's facebook page and she suggested starting the sleeve a little further down and curves instead of angles- if that helps anyone... plus for my own notes!*

The deal is she has to get her room clean before I make her another one... though I kind of want to make one before that, chances are it will take her days to get around to it, ha!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simple skirts.

I have been lacking inspiration lately *sigh*.   Usually I have a project going, my next one fully planned and the next in the brainstorming stage.  Not this last week or so.  Hm.  So these items are all a bit boring and uninspired, but what ya gonna do?  As I was sewing them I thought, *I should have made them flat front* *I should have figured out some kind of pocket* *I should add some trim* Meh.  Sometimes simple is good. 

I fell in love with this fabric when I made four skirts with it, one for engagement pictures for a friend and three for her bridesmaids at the reception.  And I bought this yardage clear back then (nearly a year ago) and it waited to be made in to something pretty.

So when the twins woke up I tried to get them to take a picture together, first sitting down.

But Georgia didn't like the sound of that and instead insisted on petting Elizabeth.

So I finally got her to sit down and got lots of pictures like this.  So, why not stand up?

Because then this happened.  Elizabeth just wasn't digging it.

That's alright, we'll go with a headless picture.  The leggings are from Ottobre 6/2012, Ruusunpuna leggings (80cm).  I previously made a stack of these so I knew they would work for what I wanted.  Since you would be able to see the seam I wanted it to be on the inside so not as visible.  They are a little long and the hems are more stretchy than the other pairs so they sit lower on her foot than the others.  Just means they'll last the summer, right?

I kind of like this one.  (she was still crying... and wouldn't give up the blanket, monkey or hairspray lid), it looks all artsy like I meant for it to be this way.

Then there is George.  She was the perfect little model and held so still for me:)  She mostly gave me a vacant stare slightly to the left, but she did look at me for a split second or so.

I did a single seam in the back, by cutting one of the gray strips off, same with the yellow skirt.  So, still nothing on my mind to be next, but I've got a night to think about it;)  Maybe get a head start on shorts for the oldest two?  Or some shirts for the twins... Izzy's belly is outgrowing most of hers...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Geranium top.

Ever since I tested Rae's geranium dress I knew I wanted to try the tunic length, well, I finally pushed it up my list!  Aaaand I pretty much love it. 


I used the same fabric as the bolero for the skirt, I love the fabric so I thought why not stretch it to two pieces?  I had also been dying to see what the dress looked like in two fabrics. 

Little Missy thought it was fun to run away from me and not look at the camera, no different from any other day, really.    If I ever build a house I want really big windows that give lots of light so shooting inside would be so much easier.  This was the only room at this time of day that had enough light and no harsh sun spots, but she found the one place to stand so the background would be over exposed.  Oh well, what ya gonna do?  I can't wait for good weather outside!

She found bobby pins on my window seal and handed them to me one by one.  Apparently she managed to spill on herself in the five minutes she had the shirt on:)  Typically one year old.   

Also, she showed me how to use deoderant.  Smart girl. 

So the top is 18 month bodice with 24 month length, and like usual, I lengthened just a bit for my tall kids.  Oh, and she is wearing a pair of her new leggings.  I should probably try a different view since there are so many options with the pattern, but I just love this one so much! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A bolero.

Or a really small vest, as Ben called it.  I have made the Heidi&Finn ruffle bolero once before, and since I am not smart enough to get it on the blog from flickr, you will just have to go here if you want to see it. 
I really wish every pattern maker would put out a size chart with each pattern, I could even just settle for the finished measurements of the garment.  I had NO idea which size to pick.  The pattern goes from 12m to 2T, skips 18m all together (also 4T and 5T are combined).  So I went with the 2T though turns out I should have made 3T for Izzy.  Crazy, right? She is just barely in the 18m range for O+S and in 18m RTW, so 3T sounds absolutely insane. 


I really like the way it turned out (even if it is a little tight on big twin), I also have a geranium cut out using this print for the skirt. 

I left off the elastic and button to make it reversible.

Though I don't know if I will turn it to the white side because turns out you can see some of the print through the white.  Oh well, always an option for when they get dirty....

...Like they always do.  This is real life y'all.  Dirty face, dirty shirt and messy hair.  If I pinch it together in the middle (where the button would be) it is quite tight on her and would restrict movement... so I guess  if I make it again it will have to be a 3T.

I love the ruffle all the way around, how it just frames her sweet chubby cheeks.  (also wearing her chevron skirt from last spring's KCWC, a little short but still works). 

And George in the geranium dress that she is almost growing in to, with a headband that she found an put on herself.  Can't decide who I like it better on, luckily they both fit it (the dress) so I can change my mind!

When Iz saw Georgie had a hair pretty she insited on one too, not with words of course, but grunting, screaming and wrestling with her sister until I went and found her one too.  Then she patted her head and said cheese.  How could I resist?

Monday, February 4, 2013

It had to be done.

I knew as soon as I finished his blue twill pair Jack needed a pair in denim.  Again, size 4 field trip cargo pants,  but this time with no added length. 


I used the special jeans topstitching thread and really like the look of it.

I added a faux button to the faux fly.  He loves the detail and is now convinced I have made the rest of his denim pants in his drawer since they all have the same kind of button.  The only trouble I had with the pants this go round was that darn faux fly.  I think I unpicked it four times before I got it passable.  *Note to self, next time use the same thread in the bobbin while making a button hole. 

I nearly left off the cargo pockets, but as Ben pointed out, you can never have too many pockets.  I used a contrast fabric for the lining of the flap and the waistband.  I left the truck ribbon off this time since he complained about it last time and guess what?!  He asked when I was going to put the trucks on his pants...  Silly boy.


He was excited to have his picture taken, but was upset I rolled his sleeves up.  He instructed me I was not to use a grumpy photo, I had to use a happy one.  This is kind of an inbetween.

I have a modification I want to try, but since it is starting to warm up I am not sure I will be making another pair of pants this year.  Next up, a geranium tunic for the twins, and if I am feeling confident I am thinking of sizing it up for Abs.  We'll see...