Saturday, December 16, 2017

Flannel Playtimes.

It's probably time to dust off my sad little corner of the internet, I'm beginning to forget the details of things I've made over the last year.  While I still document all my makes over on instagram, I don't add things like sizes I make and how much length I add for my kids.  This makes my life harder when I go to make something in the next size up, haha.  So here we go, I'm going to attempt to start journaling my makes again. 

And what better way to start than with the Oliver + S Playtime Dress.  I made both girls a size 6 with some length added to the skirt and sleeves.  The skirt is also a little more narrow than per the pattern as I didn't want to have to plaid match two side seams, then since I was making a coordinating set I wanted them to both look the same.  Also, I was worried about the bulk of gathering flannel.

Speaking of flannel, both fabrics are Robert Kaufman flannels.  I really can't say enough good about the RK flannel, it washes up so nicely and continues to look fresh after many, many washes.  It's also super soft.

I chose to line the bodice instead of using the facings.  It really is my preferred method because it's just so fast and I tend not to do the optional topstitching on this dress. 

The fit on them is great, I probably didn't need to add length to the skirt but at the same time I'm wondering if I should have added a smidge more to the arms for longer wear.  I did a narrow hem on the sleeves so there isn't anything I can let out.  The bodice fits well, it isn't restrictive at this point.  This pattern seems to last for a while for these two, they are able to wear them as a tunic once they grow until the bodice is too tight.  In fact, they have had some last two winters. 

Luckily they fit nicely because I have already started on the next two.  A few years back I sewed sequins on the Playtime following the topstitching guide and just loved the result.  I was at Joann's while killing time waiting for Costco to have my photos ready and accidentally decided to replicate the dress, times two.  Because twins.  George and Izzy both added "pridde dress" to their Christmas list and I have a feeling that will fit the bill nicely.