Tuesday, April 17, 2018

International patterns.

 I have recently fallen for international patterns, more specifically German.  They have pretty unique designs, and with a little google translate and some basic sewing knowledge, they are very doable.  Most of them don't include seam allowance so that can be a turn off for some, but I don't mind.

This is the Yara and if I was smarter I'd write down the size I made because I really, really liked it.

The back is where it's at, it is so cool!

The Coemi Mini Jessi is pretty popular among the Facebook sewing crowd for good reason, it is so, so cute.  It is a slim fit, so I sized up on this one.  It has a cute cowl or hood and that front panel has pockets. He got a ton of wear from this one, and I made his bff cousin a matching one.

This was my first mini Jessi I made him, it was pretty tight on him so he didn't get much wear from it. This one had a hood.

The Lolletroll Henry(ette), often called just Henry, is also quite popular on FB.  It is one of my favorites so far!

I made one for my nephew's birthday (left) and another for Sam.

And when it was too close to the end of the cold season to justify making another hoodie I made it as a shirt.  I actually used the Oliver and S School Bus t-shirt as a base and the Henry for the colorblocking.  I have seen people make the Henry as a shirt and complain the neck opening was too wide.  I knew I liked the fit of the School Bus, so it was a no-brainer.

I was looking for something unique to since boy's tees can be so... the same and basic... that's not a bad thing, I just wanted a "fun" sew.  That's when I found the Elle Puls Bethioua kids.

I thought the back was pretty cool! I'm not crazy over the fit, it feels maybe a little feminine with the curve, idk? And maybe because it is short sleeve with the curve, I'm not sure exactly what is making me think that, because I like the long sleeve on boys. That is definitely just personal preference, the pattern was excellent.

George is all about the skirts! This is the Kid5 Cozy Skirt, it is a super straightforward and easy sew.  She pulls it out to wear quite often.

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  1. She's BAAAAAACK!!! Awesome! What a great post! So many interesting patterns I've never even heard of! And they look fantastic on your kids. You have such cool taste. Now I'm off to read your other recent posts.