Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Loads and loads of School Bus Tees plus modifications.

So I will just apologize in advance for this one being a picture heavy, few word post. But that's what happens when I use this as my journal and have a huge backlog. 

The Oliver + S School bus t-shirt is by far my most used pattern, I have made well over 100 at this point. I added it up once a couple years back and I was at like 80... I don't have the patience to go back and count again, ha! So you will just have to trust me.

I paired the tee with the Sew a Little Seam Movie Night Pajama bottoms you can get for free with a code from their facebook group. It does come with a shirt, but I like what I like.

These are also the SALS pj's, they come with a shorts cut line.

My cool friend Courtney is setting up a shop to sell applique patterns, so I volunteered (read: begged) to try a couple out.

I gave this one to my nephew for his birthday, but it was reaaaaally hard.  I need to make one for Sam!

 As the next few photos will show, I clearly have a thing for this very specific colorblock.

Another one for the nephew.

A very long time ago I wrote a post for the O+S blog on how to do a faux sleeve.

Also one on how to add a hood.

And how to use it to make a tank top.

I also used it to make a swim top.  It is such a versatile pattern, I am certain there will be many more made in the coming months.