Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Frozen crew.

The twinsies decided really early on they just *had* to be Elsa + Anna for Halloween, like I am sure many, many other girls will also be.  They couldn't be talked out of it and insisted Jack be Olaf, well, Jack wasn't interested so Sam stepped up and took one for the team.  

Since I didn't want to be like every other under 10yo girl, I decided to do more of an 'inspired by' set of costumes. 

He looks thrilled, right? HA! He really doesn't mind the costume, he just didn't like them holding him.

I used the free tutorial/pattern for Olaf found on the Peek-a-boo pattern blog, it was super easy to follow.

I bought a hat and hand sewed the face on.  The eyes are felt, the nose is fleece and the hair is pipe cleaners.

Under his costume is his football onesie.  It's looking like it will be a warm one, but if it gets too cold I have a pair of pants to add.

Next, my little Anna.  How lucky am I that they each picked one and didn't fight over Elsa.

True story, I have never seen Frozen.  I had to google the characters, ha!  The kids watch it at their grandparent's house, but I am thinking we might need to get it for Christmas.

The dress was inspired by this one in the O+S flickr group.

The dress is the Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress, size 4 minus the darts.  The sleeves are from the Library Dress, the skirt was lengthened with added width and the front was painted on.

For the cape I used the School Bus Tee as a base.

She loves it soooo much.  It was a little tricky because she didn't want to stand still once she realized it had a great twirl factor.

I tried a new brand of paint this time and am really hoping it holds up, I can see this one getting a lot of wear, they wore them for most of the afternoon though I made them take the dresses off to eat.  We have 4 Halloween parties starting Friday, hopefully nothing too bad happens to them before Halloween!

On to Elsa, though if you only say 'Elsa' to George she corrects you and says she's 'Elsa the snow queen'.

I was inspired by this one in the flickr group.

I used the Oliver + S Hide + Seek dress, size 3 with length.

The cape is just a 1 yard piece of fabric sewn to a ribbon, heat sealed on the bottom with selvages left on to not need to seal them.

There is currently glitter

I did french seams throughout, though this fabric was a beast to press.  No matter the heat setting I couldn't get it to hold, not the best choice for french seams.

She is very happy with it and declared 'My dreams came true when you made me my Elsa the snow queen dress!'.  That makes it all worth it, right?

They spent the afternoon playing out scenes and singing all the songs, each only singing their characters lines, of course.

Happy Halloween!


  1. You darling clever mummy! Of course you made their dreams come true.
    Well done, what lovely costumes.

  2. great costumes! they look like two very happy little girls!

  3. What a great costumes you ' ve made! An the costume of the youngest one, how cute and funny!!

  4. Little lovelies - so sweet, Brittney. You really are the best mum!

  5. you did such a amazing job on all of them! They are very lucky kiddos!

  6. Their costumes are fabulous, Brittney!