Monday, April 20, 2015

Foxy playtime.

 So it's Kid's Clothes Week again, and the theme this time is Wild Things, which I can totally get behind.  I haven't sewn along with the theme (save the one time Ben made a suggestion).

I have seen this dress on pinterest quite a bit, and thought it would be fun to try and recreate.

I used the Oliver + S Playtime Dress, size 4.  Just like when I made this pattern last time I fully lined the bodice and left off the sleeves.

Ben doesn't think it looks like a fox, something about it needing black to make it look like it has ears or whatever.  Kind of like the first thing he said when he saw Sam's shirt was that my applique didn't have enough legs.  Always a critic, but I'll forgive him, even though now it doesn't look quite right to me.

This is her trying to make a fox sound, she cracks me up.

The white and the nose were sewn on, and the eyes are painted.

I was worried about the white being see through and also getting a nice curved shape, so I decided to cut two pieces for each side and sew them together.  I sketched out the basic shape I wanted, then added a half inch for a seam allowance.  Then, with wrong sides together I stitched the curve, turned it right side out and gave it a good steam, lined it up on my bodice and stitched one side at a time.  Again, not wanting to deal with getting the nose nice and neat with a single layer, I sewed two pieces together leaving an opening at the bottom.  In hindsight, the white was bigger than I really wanted it to be, but meh.

The girls have been loving their twirly dresses lately (let's be honest, what 3 year old little girl doesn't like a twirly dress?).  Instead of using the pattern piece for the skirt, I used the length of the pattern piece but the width of the fabric.  So, 88".

She was SO happy and couldn't stop spinning... until she fell.  Then she took a break.

I took her to this neat little abandoned barn down the hill from our house that I see photographers at quite a bit.  I drive past it all the time, but never got the appeal until today.  It has some real potential, even though it is a really small building.  Cool boarded up windows, broken signs, neat doors and a gorgeous tree right next to it.

So Ben did say that it looked slightly more like a fox when it was on the hanger, so I figured I'd add a shot of that, in case you are on his side.

And of course if I take pictures of one twin, the other will want her turn.  She was angry I wouldn't take her to the spot I took Iz, but when I told her I would take it in front of our purple door (her favorite color) she settled.

They are both claiming this dress as their own, hopefully there wont be too many fights...


  1. What a wonderful idea! And you pulled it off so well!

  2. What a wonderful idea! And you pulled it off so well!

  3. the dress, the girl, the twirl, the photos!!! wow!

  4. You NAILED IT!!! Love it!! This is the best dress! FTR, I knew it was a fox the second the pic popped up in my Bloglovin' feed. What a fantastic dress!!

  5. I think it totally looks like a fox. It is also completely awesome. I have made five Playtime dresses but I have yet to make one without sleeves ... I need to!

  6. so cute and neat - you got a gorgeous set of photos ;o)

  7. What fun! It totally reads fox to me. I was excited to see it the moment the picture popped up on my feed.

  8. What a fun, sweet dress - and it totally looks like a fox to me! Great photos too:)

  9. This is so cool!! Beautiful dress and photos, this theme is so much fun!

  10. So cute! The first time I saw it, I thought fox, and then the more I looked at it (after your comments) I thought it could look like a Koala if it were in gray!

  11. I love this little dress so much. In fact, I've even included a photo and linked to this page in my most recent blog post 'Foxes' which is all about the current fox trend in sewing. (Hope that's alright!) Here's the link: :)

  12. Lovely dress. It would be nice if you gave reference to the images on Pinterest used to recreate it.
    I have my brand name patented as Wild Things in relation to childrens clothing with an animal theme based on my mouse and fox dresses.

    1. If you click the link I provided, you would see it is linked to Pinterest. And it was not your dress I was inspired by.