Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Panama tee and dress.

Abby is now in to women's sizing, so I was on the hunt for a good tee pattern for her.  She still loves all the fun prints you can find on cotton lycra, but they aren't always good for t-shirts, so that was another concern when choosing a pattern for her. 

Enter the Alina Design Panama Tee and Dress.

It is a slimmer fit tee and works perfectly with all the cotton lycra in my stash and even the stuff not so much in my stash but on a constant postal route from Raspberry Creek Fabrics << seriously, I order way too much from Diana, I need an intervention. 

Abby really likes the fit of these tops, they are very well worn- all of these are from early this year, so I can say that, ha!

I do like to grade out one size for the waist and hips, she doesn't like her tees super tight and these are definitely on the more form fitting side. 

This dress is made from double brushed poly, gotta love that drape! I was so against dbp for a while, I had bought some and it was so thin and my machine absolutely hated it.  But again, enter Raspberry Creek, I ordered some from there and it was thicker and easy to sew! I love that she strives for quality, not just the cheapest. 

Anyway, she wears this dress nearly every Sunday and has worn it to school a couple of times, so I'll call that a win! It has been long enough that I can't remember if I shortened it. Also, I did grade out just like with the tees. She is pretty tall at this point, taller than me even, so I doubt I shortened it...

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  1. ACK! So grown up! I love her fun taste in prints, and isn't it lovely that you can still sew for her? What a sophisticated dress that is, as well. Very nice.