Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KCWC day 2.

Today was for Jack. I realized last week poor kid only has one pair of shorts, and his pants are quickly becoming floods.  So I set off to make him a pair of shorts... and of course something more fun to sew (because let's face it, plain bottoms are just not as exciting to sew as a pretty little dress) so I also made another skinny tee. 

He wasn't too happy to get his picture taken, but I may have bribed him with Blue's Clues if he would take a few nice ones.  And this^^ is what I got.  He posed himself in all these, in case you were wondering.

Goofy boy.

I saw another skinny tee made in this fabric in the flickr pool and had it in my head to do ever since.  So I cut out the sleeves... and they were upside down!  Duh!! I don't often work with directional prints for just this reason.  So wanting to conserve the rest of the yard for another tee when he grows out of this one (or perhaps a baby gift?) I went with brown ribbing for the sleeves.  I wont do that again.  I am not a huge fan of working with ribbing and would have prefered some interlock or jersey.  Oh well, it gives it a nice texture.

The shorts are from Sew sweet patterns.  Oh, where do I start?  I cut them out and started on them on Saturday and finished them this morning.  I have been so spoiled with my obsession Oliver and S patterns that give exact measurements for chest, waist, hip, weight height to get the perfect fit... or at least a good headstart to get the right fit!  This had weight.  That's it.  So I went with his weight figuring I could just hem them shorter if needed.  He wears 4t RTW and that is the size I made.  HUGE.  Seriously, so big on him.  I am thinking of making the waist 2 sizes smaller and the length one size smaller.  They don't look horrible when his shirt is pulled down past the waistband, but they wont be worn for a long time.

They are a flat front with an elastic waistband.  The 4t says to use 10 inches of elastic.  I knew that didn't look right so I tried it on before I sewed the waist shut and ended up going with 8 inches, and that is still too big, he is constantly pulling them up. And since they are so big the front waistband wraps well around to the back.  Sigh.  And fail.  I am going to go back to O+S, the sandbox (which I heard run big... but at least I know!) and the sketchbook are on my list for the boy.

Then on the way out the door I tried to tell him his shorts were on the wrong feet and he said "No! I twisted my arms so they are on right!" Uhm, okay?


  1. You mean the finger in the mouth shot wasn't your idea? Hehehehe - & love the odd shoes :-)

    The top and shorts make a great set

  2. This is such a cute outfit! I know what you mean about being spoiled by O+s. I feel the same way, especially when it comes to pants patterns. Badly drafted pants patterns really do abound. I've recently been wondering if I could just use the Sketchbook Shorts to make every possible variation of pants for my little boy, because the rise, waist, and crotch fit perfectly in those pants, and that's just not true of other patterns.

    1. I think I just really need to make the sketchbook shorts. I keep hearing such wonderful things about them!