Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Magz for Easter.

I made another Maggie Mae but this time I made it a size smaller and in my Easter fabrics. I am pretty excited, I picked out a floral in a white colorway and a magenta colorway for the babies' outfits then picked more... for lack of a better word, calm? Not as busy?... fabric for Abby and Jack. Jack is a solid teal and well, Abby's is below. I wouldn't normally coordinate all the troops, but the thought is this way I can get our family pictures done this spring and just use these outfits. We have been married 7 1/2 years and have never had a professional family picture... not even for our wedding... so I told Ben to suck it up because that is what I want for Mother's day. Plus it will be good timing for the kids, they all have birthday's coming up this summer (all within six weeks of each other) and being I was miserably pregnant last year I never took them out to take their portraits like I try to do every year. Not that they don't get their pictures taken a ton, but it is fun to take them out alone and do some one on one time with each of them. Anyways, I am way off track, back to the dress!
I think I only looked at the directions once since it was still pretty fresh in my mind, and it is pretty simple construction.

I made a size six because I tried on the seven and it was pretty roomy on her, and since I want portraits done I want it to fit well rather than make it larger so she can grow. Plus, it just means more sewing for me in the future, right?
I made a skirt for a friend a few months back and she told me I was "totally legit" because I have my own tags. Ha! And that makes me feel pretty old... I remember when I used to use the "cool" slang words. Now they just make me feel old.

The back. I must have been having a crazy moment because I went with magenta thread for my button holes. I considered doing white on the yellow/green and magenta on the magenta, but I am too lazy when it comes to switching out my threads. Luckily they were some of the better holes I have made. I also stitched the buttons with magenta to make them "pop".

Still in love with the pleats and the curved bodice.

Abby looooves the pockets. I went with the bodice fabric for a hidden suprise. One item down, four to go! Getting closer to my deadline!! But Grandma is taking oldest two for a few days for Easter break so I will have plenty of time... probably...


  1. Love this dress - good luck with the others!

  2. Snap! I've just made a Maggie Mae too, can't wait to make another forms other girl, it's great, isn't it. I love your colors & can't wait to see the other you've made... Off to check it out now.