Saturday, April 28, 2012

KCWC day 5.

Confession: I have never watched Star Wars.  I tried once, but I fell asleep.   I saw this shirt make the rounds on pinterest a while back and had always meant to make it, but just never took the time- that is, until Kids Clothes Week  came around and I had nothing on my list to make yesterday.

My routine was thrown off yesterday as the twins each only took one nap yesterday- both at different times.  Nice.  So I didn't get to sew until the kiddos were in bed, so no pictures until this morning.  I went easy peasy today with another flashback skinny tee.  Have I made too many yet??

Don't worry, he hated it.  See, he hasn't seen Star Wars either.  So we tried to explain who Yoda was... nope, wouldn't put it on.  He wanted to know what day it was, I told him I would tell him when he put on the shirt... so he put it on... and decided he does like the shirt.


  1. that is awesome! i've never seen an entire star wars episode either. but my oldest entered first grade this year and apparently it's all the rage. soon enough, all of your son's friend will envy that shirt! :)

  2. Never watched Star Wars??? I'm shocked! And teasing you just a bit;-)
    I can remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back in the movie theater when I was BK's age. A couple of years ago, we borrowed all 6 movies from a friend and watched them in order with the 2 older kids. But I don't think the younger 2 have seen much of the movies. Actually, I take that back. Molly must have seen some of them because she was talking about Jabba the Hut yesterday. Anyhow, The shirt is adorable! So glad that he likes it!